1. Membership categories

1) Categories 1: Government (Admission Fee USD 500 / Annual Membership Fee USD 3,000)
  1. ① City Member : Cities in the Asia-Pacific region that join the Organization
  2. ② Alliance Members : Except the city government, governments at all levels wishing to promote tourism cooperation and exchange with cities and tourism businesses in Asia Pacific region.
2) Categories 2: Non-Profit and Non-Government Organization (Admission Fee USD 250 / Annual Membership USD 1,500)
  1. ① Association Member: Associations related to the tourism industry
  2. ② Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Member: DMOs at all levels, including National Tourism Organizations (NTO), Regional Tourism Organization (RTO), and Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB).
  3. ③ Research Member: Researchers or research bodies researching the tourism industry.
  4. ④ Student Member: Students studying the field of tourism covering the Asia Pacific region.
3) Categories 3: Business and Industry (Admission Fee USD 100 / Annual Membership USD 500)
  1. ① Business Member: Businesses and individual persons wishing to contribute to the growth of the tourism industry
  2. ② Media Member: Newspapers, broadcasting, Internet newspapers, and other similar organizations.

Application for Membership