Dujiangyan was previously called “Gwanhyun”, meaning a “county of irrigation”. In 1988, it became an official county and as the city that provided water to the nearby Chengdu City, it changed its name to Dujiangyan to honor Dujiangyan in the Northwest region. Dujiangyan has supplied water to over 5,300 square kilometer land in the nearby area.

County within Chengdu, Sichuan, People’s Republic of China
717,400 (2022)
Annual average temperature is 15.2˚C. Average temperature for January is 4.6˚C and for July it is 24.4˚C. Annual average rainfall is 1257mm.
Dujiangyan CHINA
Erwang Temple
Erwang Temple, located within Sichuan castle, is a temple of magnificent beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Upon entering the grand Chinese style entrance, you will feel like if you have entered into a scene of a Chinese Kung-fu film. After breathing in the fresh air of the temple, head inside. You will be overcome by the mysterious feeling of red and gold interior. Unfortunately, the interior is rather dark so it is better to take pictures with your eyes than by using your camera.

South Bridge
A tourist hotspot where everyeone who visited Dujiangyan Shi are said to have visited here. South Bridge on the sunset is the most beautiful and most attractive scene you will ever see. Watching the sunset on South Bridge after having dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant is a memorable moment you will never forget.

Qingchengshan is located alongside Yuecheng Lake and is within Dujiangyan Shi. It earned its name “Qingchengshan” for having bright green jade color all year around. Qingchengshan has very nice weather and is the perfect tourist destination in that category. Qingchengshan, along with Dujiangyan, is designated as a famous Taoism shrine of China and was registered as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000.

Bailun Plaza
A shopping mall within Dujiangyan Shi. It is the perfect place to purchase memorabilia and everyday goods. Nearby Tea Shop area is very unique and exotic and you can purchase tea sets and refreshments.

Address211 Dujiangyan Ave, Dujiangyan Shi, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng

City Shopping
It is located on the opposite side of the road from the Bailun Plaza. Many clothing stores are all gathered here. From world famous stores to Huixin, Ou Ba, Peoleo, Colice, and others are found here. This is the place you must visit if you wish to shop in Dujiangyan Shi. Clothing stores and gift shops are separated by Xinma Road in the middle.

Hengdian Cinema
If you only saw natural scenic views when visiting Dujiangyan Shi, you have missed out. It would be rather perfect if you can speak Chinese, but even if you don’t, watching a movie at Hengdian Cinema will be a unique
experience. While it is not the state-of-the-art 4D or IMAX screen films, movies that are popular are shown in the theatre. Sometime the cinema will play as low as only 1 movie a day and as many as 7.

AddressSichuan Sheng, Chengdu Shi, Dujiangyan Shi, Dujiangyan Ave Tel86-28-8711-0652

Panda Valley
Panda Valley is a place where lovely pandas await your visit. This is where the most loved animal in China is at. The inhabitation environment is close to nature as it can get. Also, you can tour in rather quiet and peaceful
mood as there are not that many children or group tourists here. According to the people who have visited here before, Panda Valley is the number one place to visit when visiting Dujiangyan Shi.

AddressBaima Village Yutang Town, Dujiangyan

Honey-Lovely Children's Paradise
A playground of Dujiangyan Shi that is located near City Shopping. You can visit Honey-Lovely Mother & Babies Article Life Club when visiting. Honey-Lovely Children’s Paradise is located downtown so it is very easily accessible. If you wish to travel with your children, this is the place you must visit.

AddressDujiangyan Ave, Dujiangyan Shi, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng