Name Lianyungang came after adjoining ‘Liansum’, the island by Lianyungang, and ‘Wontai Mountain’, which has the highest point in Jiangsu. It is one of the 4 ports established by Qing dynasty in 1680 in order to trade with the western countries. River side and the view of the sunset is one of the most beautiful sights in China. If you wish to tour a beautiful port city, do not hesitate and head to Lianyungang.

City within Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China
Weather is rather calm due to nearby ocean currents. Annual average temperature is 14˚C an annual average rainfall is 930mm. The ground level is usually flat but there are mountain ranges to the west.

lianyungang CHINA
Huoguoshan is the most famous tourist spot in Lianyungang Shi. With a combination of beautiful natural scenic view and presence of ancient buildings, it has a very unique mood. Remember to watch your footsteps because you might get lucky and find wild animals welcoming you in your path. There are dark colored architectures and the view of mountain range only adds to the mysterious feel of the area. Huoguoshan has very old and rich history so you will find many tourists listening to a history tour.

AddressJiangsu Sheng, Lianyungang Shi, Lianyun Qu Tel86-518-8572-3807

Zaihaiyifang Park
Zaihaiyifang Park is a park located on the outskirts of Lianyun Qu. It is right by riverside so one can take a stroll while looking over the wide lake. There are many street vendors here and, while different from season to season, you can taste tasty Chinese food and purchase small gifts. Let’s take a walk on the wide sandy beach while taking in the fresh river breeze.

AddressJiangsu Sheng, Lianyungang Shi, Lianyun Qu

Dayishan Scenic Area
Located on the inland of Lianyungang Shi, the area has a very bustling feel to it. Many buildings here are colored in red, which is the national color of China. Also when you come face to face with the large golden Buddha statue, you will automatically ask yourself the technique and meaning of such a grand statue. There are many Asian seafood restaurants in the neighborhood, so make sure to bring your appetite.

AddressIngyuan Rd, Guanyun Xian, Lianyungang Shi, Jiangsu Sheng

Huanghai road
When you walk along Huanghai road, you will recognize world famous franchise shops. From Australia’s famous apparel, Jean West to Nike, Adidas, and Lenovo, there are many stores to fulfill your shopping needs. They are all conveniently located right along Huanghai Road so you can shop with ease.

Lianyungang Antique Market
Lianyungang Antique Market is a market located across from People Vegetable Market. The market is the perfect place to buy local products of Lianyungang and there are many tasty restaurants in the neighborhood. In addition, the market has many clothing stores, such as Fugui, Abio, and others. So this is a one-stop shopping heaven.

AddressJiangsu Sheng, Lianyungang Shi, Xin Pu Qu, Jiefang Middle Rd, Jinsheng Business And Trade

Lianyungang Haitou Comprehensive Market
This market is very different from other famous markets as it is located in rather deserted and quiet location. Still, with a nearby river stream, this is a good place to take a walk after shopping. There are many restaurants in the area and their diverse menu with local ingredients will surprise your taste buds.

AddressLianyungang Haitou Comprehensive Market

Lebei’er Amusement Park
Lebei’er Amusement Park is located about 6 minute drive from Wan Laiwanqu Amusement Park. While two amusement parks can all be visited by foot, it is recommended to pick one amusement park and spend your day there. Located in Lianyungang Shi inland, it is rather a peaceful place than other places in riverside area.

AddressMin Zhu Zhong Lu, Haizhou Qu, Lianyungang Shi, Jiangsu Sheng

Lianyungang Port
This port is very quiet but a ferry that begins from this port is a very fun experience. Currently there are two ferries a week, from Incheon, South Korea to Lianyungang Port, Jiangsu. Check their website for ferry schedules.