Liupanshui is the second biggest city in Guizhou, China. It is famous for having cool summer weather and many people visit on extremely hot summer days. The average summer temperature summer is about 19°C and the city has beautiful natural scenic view. Due to the consistent weather condition here, number of tourists does not fluctuate much.

City within Guizhou Castle of China
Cool summer weather. Annual average temperature is 17°C. Wind direction is usually from North and the wind speed is 3m/s. Humidity here is about 58%.
Liupanshui CHINA
Yushe National Forest Park
Yushe National Forest Park is a park of Liupanshui Shi and it is bigger than it looks. The park, famous for its beautiful natural environment, is the perfect place to spend some quality peaceful time. You will be mesmerized by the natural environment of Yushe National Forest Park. It is recommended to bring some lunch with you since the restaurants in the area are hard to find.

Baiyu Cave
Baiyu Cave is the number one tourist destination of Liupanshui Shi. The cave, hidden in the green forest, is very fun to explore. Many people think the cave only has exploration tour here. They will be very surprised as the area has many cafes and resorts nearby. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while overlooking the panoramic view of the beautiful nature.

Baili Azalea Scenic Area
It is a 180 square km azalea colony that has been naturally formed and is the biggest of its kind in China. The environmental conservation level here is close to perfect and the colony is world renowned. There are 5 genes of 27 different types of azalea in the world and 4 genes of 23 different types are distributed here. The place is filled with visitors during March and May when azalea fully blossoms.

Wal-Mart is a large distributer company that is based in United States. It has become a worldfamous franchise after beginning as a small grocery store. The Wal-Mart store in Liupanshui Shi is the most popular supermarket in the city. There are many restaurants and shops nearby so many people eat out after shopping at Wal-Mart. Tourists must visit here and take a look since the store has everything you can possibly think of.

AddressGuizhou Sheng, Liupanshui Shi, Zhongshan Qu Tel86-858-868-2598

Yijiaren Supermarket
Yijiaren Supermarket is located in the central part of the city. Frequented by the locals, it is the perfect place to buy goods and needed products with ease. There are many ATMs in the area so you can easily withdraw cash when needed. Enjoying a quick bite at a nearby park is also recommended.

Danxia Mountain
Danxia Mountain is well known for earning the praises of a famous Chinese writer, Xu Xiake, for its beauty. At Danxia Mountain there is a cave that stretches for 10km, 50m in height, and has various stalactite and stalagmites. It is also known as lava museum as you can find every type of stalactite in the world here. You will be greatly moved by its magnificent beauty upon entering the cave.

Chohae is the biggest migratory bird sanctuary of China and is one of the most famous 3 freshwater lakes of China. Many professors and researchers of ornithology visit here to study the ecological environment of many migratory birds and wild ducks. There are over 178 types of birds here and 27 of them are national animals designated for protection.

Liangdu Children’s Paradise
It is a popular amusement park of Liupanshui Shi. While it is not as cute and lovely like Universal Studio or Everland, it still has a unique Chinese charm to it. There is a pond nearby so remember to visit if you wish to take a breather.

AddressZhongshan Ave, Zhongshan Qu, Liupanshui Shi, Guizhou Sheng