Due to its distance away from political centers in mainland China,it was sometimes called the "End of the Sky and Ocean". Furthermore it served as a place of exile for city officials disliked by their rulers.
During the Tang dynasty, the Buddhist monk Jianzhen accidentally landed here, using Sanya as a staging post on his missionary journey to Japan.

On the mouth of Yangtze River on the eastern China region
1,031,396 (2022)
Subtropical climate. With the difference of temperature, it has distinct 4 seasons. Spring is from March to May and annual average temperature is around 21°C.
Luhuitou Park
If you wish to view the city landscape in one convenient location, head to Luhuitou Park. You can travel by a cart at the entrance, or take a 30 minute walk along the walkway. Along the road to the top, there is collection of love stones, proclaiming everlasting love, it is a popular photo spot for visiting couples. A beautiful panoramic view of downtown Sanya unfolds before your eyes.

AddressLuhuitou Park, Sanya Tel86-898-8821-3740

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
In accordance to China as a Buddhist country, the biggest Buddhist tourist attraction of Hainan is located in Sanya. Walk past the Burimun gate, representing enlightenment, you will find Gwaneumsa Temple housing 33 Kannon statues. The 33 Kannon statues are meant to fulfill visitor’wishes of long life, health, wealth, school acceptance, and other personal wishes. The most famous attraction of Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is the 108m Kannon, visible even from airplanes. The Kannon, standing on a 7km
of beach, withstands sea waves and represents peace, wisdom, and mercy.

AddressNanshancun, Yachengzhen, Sanya

Nanshan Dongtian Park
A tourist attraction that is located on the edge of Nanshan Mountain, connected to Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. Built during Song Dynasty era, it is an 800 year old Taoism cultural tourist site. The park, with a natural history museum, resort, and well-built walkways along the beaches, provide the feeling of a proper resort, not of a religious tourist site. In various sites, you can find centuries old trees also known as living fossils. There are over 30,000 trees here, praised to be symbols of long life.

AddressNanshan Kongtian Yacheng, Sanya

Sanya Summer Mall
A 6 floor department store, located 5 minutes away from the Dadonghai beach. One can ride the escalator on the outside to reach the upper floors quickly. A department store known for selling at a trustable fixed price, it has many loyal customers coming and going everyday. If you spent over 800 Yuan in one day, you can receive tax refund.

AddressHaiyun Rd, Sanya

Sanya Duty Free Store
A duty free store where you can find 100 luxury global brands. With spacious area and comfortable interior allows peaceful shopping experience. With employees speaking Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and Russian, one can shop without any language barriers. One can purchase local specialty such as coconut palm groceries and pearl jewels.

AddressHaitang Bay, Sanya

Jiefang Street
Located in downtown Sanya, Jiefang Street is a shopping district with no vehicles allowed. It has a vibrant feel as many teenagers and young adults fill the streets. Along the 200m road, many fashion brand stores are stationed, and in the middle, there are tens of Sanya specialty stores, providing you a pleasurable shopping experience.

AddressJiefang Street, Sanya

Bathing in Nantian Hot Springs
The biggest natural hot spring in the region of Hainan, there is a total of 67 differently themed hot springs. This is what makes Sanya a unique place to visit. Sanya provides authentic healing experience with combination of hot springs and spas. As if one were stepping into a well organized park, hot springs area areas are divided into different sizes along the walkway. So feel free to pick a spot for you like and chase away the stress in a hot spring.

Walking the Dadonghai National Tourism Zone
The most vibrant, energetic, and popular beach among 3 beaches of Sanya. Free of charge, it is open all year long and is a haven for locals and tourists looking to enjoy sunny beachside. It is especially popular to frugal young adults. From people sunbathing, to people enjoying relaxing and resting, to people having fun in the water, the Dadonghai National Tourism Zone is always full of life.

Tasting Tropical Fruit Ice Cream
If the hot summer weather of Sanya has you beat, try Sanya’s tropical fruit ice cream. Fresh fruits are grinded down smoothly and when thrown onto a cold plate, a crunchy sherbet is made. Perfect for chasing away the summer heat, while also being extremely delicious.