Urumqi means a beautiful ranch in Chinese and is the biggest city in Western China. Urumqi saw a rapid economic growth during the 1990s and today has become the center of transportation and commerce in the western region. Urumqi has more similarity to Tashkent, a capital city of Uzbekistan, and Central Asia, than Eastern China. If you wish to experience something different, make sure to visit here.

A borough of Uigur in Northwest Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China
It is very dry and it hardly rains here. It has a typical continental hot and dry weather. It get to around 24 °C in July and falls as low as minus 16 °C in winter. Annual average temperature is 5.4 °C and the annual average temperature is 273 mm. It does not snow much but once it does, it hardly melts.

Urumqi CHINA
Heavenly Lake of Tianshan
Heavenly Lake of Tianshan is a large lake with an area of 4.9km². On sunny days, the place becomes crowded with tourists and visitors. The view of mountains surrounding the area provides a magnificent mood and thus is called Heavenly Lake for a reason. Also, if you take a look at pictures taken at Heavenly Lake of Tianshan, you will be surprised by how small people look when compared to the size of the background.

Hongshan Park
Hongshan Park is located not far away from downtown Urumqi. While there are many parks in Urumqi, Hongshan earns the highest praise. It is not as big as other parks but it is that much quiet and peaceful. It is the perfect place to spend some peaceful time alone.

Xinjiang Region Museum
A brand new museum that is famous for having so much interesting attractions and displays. You can easily spend over 2 hours here. The most famous exhibit of Xinjiang Regional Museum is the display of various mummies. Also, with many famous art pieces and history exhibits of Uigur people, it is a very good educational place to visit.

AddressChina, Xinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu, Wulumuqi Shi, Shayibake Qu, 西北路581号 邮政编码: 830000

Xinjiang Internation
A place with exotic buildings. There are numerous shopping malls, banks, and ATMs here and thus allows convenient shopping experience. If you search ‘Grand Bazaar’ online, you might only find a identically named place in Istanbul, so make sure to search correctly.

People's Square
The magnitude and beauty of this place feels as if China is showing off its national power to the world. Yet, if you take a close look at the people and the shops in the area, you will realize that the square is very approachable and nice to tour. Also there are Muslim restaurants nearby so check them out if you want to try something different

Jingu Wu Mart
It is more of a supermarket than a shopping center. It is located a bit north from downtown and therefore is the perfect place to grocery shop for tourists staying in North Urumqi. You should visit here if you need to grab a quick bite or need to pick up some groceries. Make sure to visit the nearby restaurants and parks after shopping.

AddressChina, Xinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu, Wulumuqi Shi, Shuimogou Qu, 南湖北路 邮政编码: 830018

Tianshan Mountain Heaven Pool Scenic Area
Tianshan Mountain Heaven Pool Scenic Area is located close to Heavenly Lake of Tianshan. It is famous for having similar feel to Alps of Switzerland. A full round course will take about 3 hours by foot. The area is rather very big so it might be hard to complete the course on foot. The area is maintained and cleaned like a national park.

Aijia Aibaole Children's Amusement City
Aijia Aibaole Children’s Amusement City is an amusement park in Urumqi. If you follow along a park from downtown, the amusement park will appear ahead. While, it is not a well-known tourist destination, it is frequented by families and locals living nearby. There are many Chinese restaurants and fast-food places here so take a quick bite after spending quality time with your family at Aijia Aibaole Children’s Amusement City.

Xinjiang Tianshan Wild Zoo
While it might be hard place to find, if you are travelling with a child, you must take a tour here. There are various types of animals to see and the zoo has a different vibe than other zoos in the country. It is located in South Urumqi and is a bit far away from downtown. Due to its geological location, renting a vehicle is highly recommended.

AddressChina, Xinjiang, Uighur, Urumqi, Dabancheng