Located in the Perak Province, Taiping is a city known for its tin mines, just like Ipoh. It was the Capital State of the Perak Province from the late 19th century to early 20th century. The title was taken eventually away by Ipoh, but is still considered to be an evolving city along with its neighbors.

n A city located on Perak Province. On the west Malay Peninsula.
A typical weather of the equator area. The year-long average is 21~32°C. The rainy season, sometimes with thunderstorms, appears between November and February and between April and October.
Taiping Lake Gardens
The most popular attraction in Taiping. The first Malaysian national scenic park, it was transformed from a tin mine into a beautiful forest in 1880. One of the primeval forests, Angsana trees standing around of the fountain create a beautiful landscape. A special roller skate arena, wave riding experience, playgrounds, and other family oriented facilities are available, making it an excellent family friendly tourist attraction.

AddressTaman Tasik Taiping, Taiping

Taiping Zoo
A zoo located in Taiping. It opened its doors in 1961. One of the oldest zoos in Malaysia. Over 1,300 animals of 180 different types, including lion, tigers, zebras, are giraffes are here. The 14 hectare area becomes bustling with visitors every weekend. The Night Safari is famous among the visitors and highly recommended.

AddressJalan Pekeliling, Taman Tasik, Taiping Tel60-5-808 6577

Perak State Museum
A public state museum in Taiping. It has the impressive exterior characteristics of a European white building with red rooftops. It exhibits everything from anthropology, to history, and geology. If one wants to learn about North Malaysia, this would be the place to be.

AddressJalan Muzium, Taiping Tel60-5-807-2057

Sentral Mall
The representative shopping mall of Taiping. It is the biggest in the region, with clothing stores, cosmetics, fragrances, and grocery stores all stationed together. One can also enjoy leisure activities as movie theatres and restaurants are here as well. Tesco, Taiping Mall and Switch stores are all nearby, making shopping very convenient.

AddressNo. 36, Jln, Istana Larut, Taiping

Taiping Mall
A small shopping center to the south of Sentral Mall. It is an important shopping area for the people of South Taiping. While it is smaller than the Sentral Mall, there are still clothing and grocery stores to meet desires. It is nearby the highway, making it easily accessible.

Addressjalan tupai, Taiping

Golf Rounds in Taiping
The world famous Taiping Golf Resort is located here. The dense southern forest and cleanly shaved fairways have stolen the hearts of many golfers. The 1 person-1 caddy system is in place, providing an excellent service. There is also a professional golf teacher on the premises, allowing beginners to easily learn to play golf.

The Belum Forest Reserve Exploration
The Belum Forest Reserve, located in the north of Lake Temenggor, is the best forest conservatory in the Malay Peninsula. There are elephants, rhinos, tigers, and other various mammals living here. You must reserve in advance for the local guide tour which includes entrance ticket, transportation, and accommodation options.

Perak State-level Drums Competition
Every May to June, a drum festival opens in Perak State. You can watch exciting drum performances with teams from each state of Malaysia. It happens on Saturdays and Sundays. Aside from the drum performances,
handicraft displays are open as well.handicraft displays are open as well.

AddressEvery May to June, a drum festival opens in Perak State. You can watch exciting drum performances with teams from each state of Malaysia. It happens on Saturdays and Sundays. Aside from the drum performances,handicraft displays are open as well.handicraft