Drive two hours from Kuala Lumpur and you will find Melaka, a UNESCO World Heritage city. During the Age of Exploration many Western civilizations colonized Southeast Asia, and in Melaka artifacts from Netherland’s colonization of Malaysia are perfectly preserved. Therefore, there is a saying, "History of Melaka is the History of Malaysia.".

Located on southwestern area of Malay Peninsula, Melaka is the State Capital of Melaka Province.
A typical weather of the equator area. The year-long average is 21~32°C. The rainy season, sometimes with thunderstorms, appears between November and February and between April and October.
Dutch Square
The beginning of the Melaka exploration. The square is surrounded by old buildings, a flea market, Christian churches, with an exotic fountain in the middle. There is a high floating population with many sightseers and rickshaws creating havoc in the square. The Travel information Centre is located across the street. You can get free travel maps here.

AddressDutch Square, Jalan Gereja, Melaka

St. Paul’s Church & A Pamosa
St. Paul's Church is located on the highest point of Melaka, the St. Paul cliffs. Originally the church was built by a Portuguese ship Captain, but later turned into a graveyard for rich Dutch aristocrats. The view of the Melaka city is spectacular from this location. On the back of the cliff, the ruins of a 16th century Pamosa fortress is found. It iwas destroyed along with the fall of the Netherlands in Malaysia.

AddressSt. Paul’s Church, Jalan Kota, Malacca

Jonker Street
The classic travel attraction and shopping mecca of Melaka. Also known as 'Jalan Hang Jebat'. During the day, it is lively with international travelers from all parts of the world, and during the night, attractive night market open their doors. It lures passing tourists with its small and charming traditional memorabilia stores and food vendors. Before the night market opens, you can admire the sophisticated galleries.

AddressJalan Hang, Jebat, Melaka

Dutch Square Market
A large flea market in the Dutch Square, also the starting point of all Melaka travels. Compared to the Jonker Street’s night market across the Melaka River, the scenery of small display stands in the day are pretty exotic. Shopping is done by haggling for lower prices. Slowly strolling around and taking pictures
with a camera is also pretty fun.

AddressDutch Square Market, Jalan Gereja, Melaka

Mahkota Parade
A large shopping centre in Melaka. The Mahkota Parade shopping mall has numerous branches all over Malaysia. A shopping mall and department store, there is a large restaurant zone within. The place provides a cool shopping experience in the hot and humid Melaka.

AddressMahkota Parade, G8, Jl. Sultan Nuku, Melaka

Cruise Ship on Melaka River
Melaka River flows into the city of frozen times, Melaka. The view from the cafes and traditional houses of Kampung Hulu Street and Kampung Pantai Street is a thing of beauty. Strolling along the riverside is nice, but the proper way of enjoying the Melaka River is by boarding on a cruise ship. The exotic mood makes the Melaka night view even more gorgeous.

Walking Every Inch of Alleys
The best way of exploring Melaka is by walking through its alleys. Taking a photo of the unique 2 storied long shophouses, and aimlessly following the rickshaw crowd is also recommended. Trying the famous Chicken Rice Ball of Melaka at a restaurant inside the 100 years old shophouse may become a good memory for you.

Enjoying Baba-Nyonya Eats
Baba-Nyonya is the name for cultural collaboration between China and Malaysia. Baba-Nyonya has left many marks in not only architecture but various places. Especially Baba-Nyonya cuisine is famous. Asam Laksa is the most well-known food to the public. A vinegary fish soup with wide rice noodles, its unique taste is both loved and hated by many.