Qingyuan is located inside the Guangdong Province. It has the biggest surface area within the Province. An all-year-round destination. During April to October, adequate rainfall and beautiful natural sceneries contribute to the most charming time of the year.

A city in North Guangdong Province
3,969,473 (2022)
Subtropical climate. With the difference of temperature, it has distinct 4 seasons. Spring is from March to May and annual average temperature is around 21°C.
Qingyuan CHINA
Yingxi Corridor of Stone Peaks
The combinations of two has made Yingxi Corridor of Stone Peaks a hit tourist destinations. Embraced by thousands of limestone mountains, one can find here two jungles, two caves and two relics. Yang Yan Cave and Sky-Reaching Cave are considered as one of the most beautiful caves in the world. The lights from the mountain peaks shining into the cave create a magnificent view.

Lianzhou Underground River
If Yingxi Corridor of Stone Peaks represents the mountains of Qingyuan, Lianzhou Underground River represents the rivers. The river, 53,000 square kilometers wide is full of tourists cruising along. Following a walkway by the stalactite cave, one can see strange looking stalagmites, stone pillars, stalactites illuminated with brilliant colors,creating a mysterious atmosphere.

AddressNo.260 Fanyu Road, Lianzhou

Feilaixia Valley
Also called Qingyuan Valley. It is located by the North River in the Northeast area of Qingyuan City. Its name came from an ancient temple of Feilai and the village settled along the riverside. When traveling within the village, one would ride on a ferryboat. There is a sightseeing program for tourists.

Qingyuan North Gate
A food shopping center in Qingyuan city. Guangdong province, known as a paradise of foods, you can meet every kinds of ingredient. From dim sum, goose dishes, exquisite shark fins, turtles, and a swallow’s nest can be found. Scenes of the locals bargaining with shop owners can be very entertaining.

AddressBeimen St, Qingcheng, Qingyuan

Qingyuan Qingcheng Weimin Shop
A drug store located on north of the Qingyuan North Gate Food Shopping Center. It boasts the largest size in Qingyuan. You can find various pharmaceutical products at cheap price. Tiger balms, lip balms, skin oils, toothpaste, and other popular skincare products can be found here.

Address136 Songgang Rd, Qingcheng, Qingyuan

Yingzhou Pearl
A department store in downtown Syaogwan.
The round glass exterior catches ones attention. Clothing store for young adults, furniture stores, sportswear stores, and bookstores are located within. As a luxury department store, restaurants, cafes, and fastfood stores are here as well.

AddressYingde, Qingyuan

Tasting Exotic Foods
The Guangdong area has vast diversity of food and is known to have delicious dishes. Due to its southern geography, the unique characteristic of its cuisine is lightly deep-fried yet fresh food and salty taste in general. How about trying dishes you can only find here. Cats, dog, snakes, pigeons, and other unthinkable ideas will show up in front of you as a dish.

Lion Dance Performance
From China to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries of Chinese residents, you can see lion dance performances on national holiday’s and large festivals. Beginning with loud fireworks, the vivid and dynamic dance of many lion-dressed people boasts festival fun to a climax. Usually consisting of 2 people as 1, wearing lion masks, dance as if they are one lion. The person in behind will raise the person in front, or dance together in rhythm and imitate lion movements

Exploring Back Alleys
If you step aside from the main roads of China, you will find less developed back alleys. The appeals of these alleys are the small local stores and scenes of hardworking locals. You can experience the real life of Chinese locals first hand.