Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is the State Capital city located in the middle of the Malay Peninsula, with north area sharing the border with Thailand. To the east there is seashore. Kota Bharu, in Malaysian means ‘New City’ or ‘New Fortress’. It is looking to become a modernized city of technological advancements.

Located in the middle of the Malay Peninsula, it is the State Capital city of Malaysia Kelantan province.
Weather of Kota Bharu is of a typical tropical climate. Year average temperature is 21~32°C. Occasional
thunderstorm filled rainy season happens twice, from November to February and from April to October.
Gunung Stong State Park
Gunnung Stong State Park, GSSP, is a forest area of 215 million square meters with a few mountaintops. This area is famous for its beautiful landscape and has the renowned 7 storey Jelawang Waterfall, one of the highest water falls in Malaysia. This area provides an adventurous experience for travelers who want to appreciate natural beauty and enjoy outdoor activities. Not only is it an eco-tourist site, it is also a wildlife sanctuary. Among the wildlife inhabiting the area are Asian tigers, Indian large bisons, Arcos pheasants, Malay tigers, mountain goats, and tapiers. One can spend meaningful time with the knowledgeable trekking guides. After a 4 hour trek, you can arrive at a cave-like Bogo Rock Shelter which is a perfect place to rest while trekking the Gunnung Stong climbing. In addition, at the peak of the Gunung Ayam mountaintop, at a height of 1,504m, one can witness beautiful sunrise and sunset.

AddressDabong Forest Reserve, Kelantan Tel60-9-748-2140

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum
Also known as ‘Balai Getam Guri’, Handicraft Village and Craft Museum is located in the middle of Kota Bharu cultural district, and it is in a walking distance from Istana Balai Besar and Buluh Kubu Bazaar. Craft Museum showcases many fabulous art works by the Kelantan people. One can taste the famous Kelantan cuisine in the Balai Sulur Gadung restaurant located on the 1st floor. At a nearby Handicraft Village, you can watch the production process of the handicrafts. Embroidery by skilled master craftsmen,
Songket weaving, Batik dying, silver handicraft and wooden handicraft demonstrations are shown, and one can purchase self-made products, if wanted.

AddressJalan Merbau, Kota Bharu

Siti Khadijah Market
Siti Khadijah Market is a central marketplace in the Jalan Hulu area of Kota Bharu. In order to best understand the villages of Malaysia, the best method is to take a tour of the marketplace, a central hub of local economics. Siti Khadijah Market is named after the wife of Prophet Muhammad, who once was a merchant, and accordingly has many female store owners. The market carries everything you need from fresh produce, to traditional handicrafts, and to tasty cookies. It shows a true side of the Kelantan locals, filled with the combination of vibrant color, fragrance and sounds.

AddressPasar Besar, Siti Khadijah, Kota Bharu

Pantai Timur
A large shopping mall found near Kota Bharu. When compared to shopping malls of other cities, it can look small and shabby but to the locals it is a valuable shopping center. One can find a variety of clothing, general goods, groceries, memorabilia, and others.

Address3535B, Jalan Kuala Kerai, Wakaf Siku, Kota Bharu

KB Mall
A massive shopping mall located in the central district of Kota Bharu. Stores of Sporting goods, clothing, cosmetic products, and etc. can be found here. It is frequently visited by locals as well, since there are many cafes and an intimate restaurants to dine at. KB Mall is popular among travelers for having fully operating air conditioning system in place.

AddressJalan Hamzah, Seksyen 16, 15050 Kota Bahru

Windsurfing in Pantai Bisikan Bayu
Pantai Bisikan Bayu, also known as ‘Pantai Dalam Rhu’, is about 50km south from Kota Bharu, the State Capital city of Kelantan. It was named as such because of the sound of Cassou Arina trees, lined along the beach of Semerak Village, moving in gentle breeze. The best time to windsurf is during the North-East
Monsoon season in-between November and April. The sunset at this location is also very popular.

Riding Bicycles at Kota Bharu
At Kota Bharu of Malayisa, there are many places to ride mountain bicycles. From a flat seashore route that passes by vintage fishingvillage to a bumpy course in the middle of the mountain, there are many excellent bicycle routes to choose from. Riding a bicycle in the forest or along the seashore route will
leave you an unforgettable memory.

Golf Rounds at Kota Bharu
There lies a luxury golf course nearby Kota Bharu. Kelantan Golf & Country Club is the answer. It is a rising golf attraction in Northern Malaysia. One can enjoy a special time in the unique southern tropical geographical features.

AddressThere lies a luxury golf course nearby Kota Bharu. Kelantan Golf & Country Club is the answer. It is a rising golf attraction in Northern Malaysia. One can enjoy a special time in the unique southern tropical geographical features.