Qingdao is called ‘Europe of China’, or ‘Seaside City’. The design of the city is very special. There are a large number of German-style building is the city centre, while the old city area retains many traditional buildings. The mix of German and Chinese architecture, plus the German demographic roots and a population largely made of foreign immigrants gives the city a unique flavor.

A city on the Northeastern area of Shandong Province.
Effected by seasonal winds, it shows combination of humidity and continental climate. Winters are very
cold with occasional snow. Summer is relatively hot and humid, but extreme heat is very rare
Qingdao CHINA
Wusi Square (May Fourth Square)
Relaxed part of Qingdao, it is a commemorate square of May 4 independence movement. The symbol of Qingdao, ‘Wind of May’ statue is very famous. The dynamic spiral design of the statue is to represent tornadoes. One can meet the unique landscape of high-rise buildings and the open sea.

Address35 Donghai W Rd, Shinan, Qingdao Tel86-532-8388-6355

Xiao yu shan Park
A park with a name ‘Mountain of Small Fishes’. However, if you take a stroll to the upper area, you will find an open field with a 360 degree view of Qingdao. With the view of an attractive city underneath, breathing in the gentle breeze gives you a great feeling. The round building on top of the hill is the observatory overlooking Qingdao.

AddressXiaoyushan Park, Qingdao Tel86-532-8286-5645

Qingdao Guest House (Ying Bing Guan)
Former Residence of German Governor. The building boasts an exotic exterior of old German architectural style and was built during 1905~1908. The unique exterior, German antique furniture and interior decoration is a must see. Upon entering, a hall with tall ceilings and large stairways welcomes you

Address26 Longshan Rd, Shinan, Qingdao Tel86-532-8286-8838

Taitung Street
Taitung Street is the best place to experience the vitality of Qingdao. Clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, pharmacies, and novelty stores provide a unique shopping opportunity and are popular meeting places among young locals. With many late-hour stores, it is recommended to be visit during the night time. Even with many visible department stores, shopping can be done easily taking a night stroll along the road.

AddressTaitung Street, Qingdao

Zhongshan Street
A shopping district on the coastal tourist area of Qingdao. The 80 year old Zhongshan Street is a multi-commercial street with shopping, dining, leisure activities all combined together. To the south, it is connected to Taepyeong Street. On either side of the road, approximately 1,360m, 500 diverse stores of shopping, restaurants, and etc. are found.

AddressZhongshan Street, Qingdao

Itokin Department Store
Itokin Department Store was created through Japanese Itokin Group’s investment. Cosmetic products and clothing stores are all concentrated on its 1st to 6th floor. The products are especially focused on Japanese fashion trends, furniture, artificial plants, and etc. There is a beauty parlor, cafe, Korean restaurant on underground floor #1. 7th floor has Japanese restaurant, 9th and 10th house imported Japanese furniture stores.

Address158 Jiaozhou Rd, Shibei, Qingdao

Walking the Qingdao Beach
By following the beachside walkway in front of the Wusi Square, a dock appears with cruise ship platform. With a choice of 8 different routes, a cruise along the seashore of Qingdao or a cruise into nearby islands are prepared in advance for you. You can see the yacht marina, international yacht club, and even
nearby islands.

Qingdao Beer Festival
A beer festival where love for beer brings everyone together. One of the world’s top 3 beer festival happens in Qingdao every mid August to early September. A chance to taste beer from all corners of the world, it is a lively festival full of bright lights and loud music. Qingdao Beer Festival has tents for each beer brand and inside each tent there is a band playing live music for you. On the outdoor field, street vendors and rides also draw your attention.

Foot Massage Experience
Qingdao, part of Shandong province, is famous for foot massages. One can find affordable foot
massage parlors in every part of the city. Leaving one’s foot to the gentle touches of an experienced masseuse provides a healing feeling for both body and soul. Excellent facilities and tailor-made customer services also exist in high-end massage parlors.