Hangzhou was established 2,200 years ago during Qin Dynasty, and is considered one of the 7th highest altitude cities in China. Called ‘Paradise of the World’, it is the first tourist city designated by
the Chinese government and is one of the biggest tourist cities in China.The city's West Lake is its most famous attraction.

A city in the Northeast area of Zhejiang Province.
A subtropical climate with a distinct 4 seasons. Annual average temperature is 16.2°C. Hot and humid in summer, cold and dry in winter
Hangzhou CHINA
West Lake
A UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has influenced countless poets and painters throughout Chinese history. With a picturesque scenery that changes with the seasons, it is voted as a place to visit before dying. The surrounding 60km² landscape of West Lake has over 40 attractions and over 30 cultural historical sites. Each individual site has a tale of legend associated to it.

Leifeng Pagoda
Leifeng is a tall pagoda standing on Sunset Hill, south of the West Lake and is a popular tourist attraction. Superstitious tales such as the Legend of the White Snake made it one of the ten sights of the West Lake. Unfortunately, due to attacks by bandits and thefts by superstitionists, the tower collapsed in 1924. The current tower was reconstructed atop the ruins of the old. The tower was reopened to the public in 2002.

Address15 Nanshan Rd, Xihu, Hangzhou Tel86-571-8798-2111

Chenghuang Pavillion
When one enters Hangzhou, Chenghuang Pavillian will be the first thing they notice, due to its staggering height. The "City God Pavillion" looms over the West Lake and Southern Hangzhou with its unique and modern architectural design.

AddressChenghuang Pagoda, Hangzhou

Wanda Plaza
A newly opened Hangzhou shopping centre. It has a diverse selection of stores including clothing, cosmetics, furniture, bookstores,and accessory shops. It is the perfect place to spend leisure time with fancy restaurants, food courts, movie theatre, kids club, and arcade rooms. The overall feeling is that of spending time in a massive futuristic city.

AddressWan Da Lu, Xiaoshan Qu, Hangzhou

Hangzhou Antique Shops
An antique shop in Hubin Street. Once inside, you can find necklaces, accessories, and other small props on your right while pottery, art works, paintings, and antiques such as Four Treasures of the Study are lined up on your left. Flower pots, painting scrolls, beach necklaces, and other memorabilia antiques can be purchased here.

Address98 Wushan Rd, Shangcheng, Hangzhou

Tangshi Silk Shops
A silk clothing shop of Hangzhou. You can buy the best memorabilia here. With a diverse collection of silk products, Tangshi is located on Hefang Street, a street full of restaurants and antique stores such as this one.

AddressShangcheng, Qinghefang Commerce, Hangzhou

Tasting Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea
While in Hangzhou, due to its closeness to the West Lake, there is always a feeling of dampness, this unique humidity is the main reason behind the creation of a prestigious Chinese tea, Longjing. The tea can be very expensive as high quality tea leaves are worth more per gram than gold.

Cruise on South Lake Scenic Area
South Lake is one of the three lakes of Jojang and is located on Southern Jiaxing area. It was frequented by writers and artists as its unique mist-filled atmosphere provided mysterious feel. Famous for its beautiful seasonal scenery, it also has an important place in Chinese history for being the cradle of Chinese Revolution.

Walking along Qinghefang
A perfectly conserved area of ancient Hangzhou.Qinghefang is the perfect place to experience ancient Hangzhou with visible economical, cultural, and historical background.
Inside the total area of 13 hectares there are many old antique stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and teashops.