Guangzhou is China’s representative business city and also the capital city of Guangdong province.
The airport tunnels, taxi drivers, restaurants, and other various insignificant aspects combine into creating the image of Guangzhou. Guangzhou’s modern facilities and gorgeous red lanterns create a dreamlike atmosphere, reminding one of Hong Kong and Singapore.

A city in the Southern area of Guangdong Province
18,810,600 (2022)
Subtropical climate. With the difference of temperature, it has distinct 4 seasons.
Spring is from March to May and annual average temperature is around 21°C.
Guangzhou CHINA
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
An establishment built by one of the 10 clans of China, Chen, during the Qing Dynasty era. It was built from the donations and efforts of atleast 72 Chen families including those overseas. The most distinquishing facets of the Ancestral Hall is the 11 pottery ridge. Each ridge takes inspiration from a famous traditional drama.

AddressChen Jia Ci, Zhong Shan Qi Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King
If you wish to learn about the history of Guangzhou, you must visit this place. The museum was built with the royal tomb of Nanyue King Zhao Mo as its center. Inside the royal tomb, up to 11,465 artifacts were found. Clothing stitched in silk strings with jade pieces, dew catching plate, medicine, glamorous gold,
and jade pieces fill the exhibition room.

Address867 Jiefang N Rd, Yuexiu, Guangzhou Tel86- 20-3618-2475

Yuyin Shan Fang
Yuyin Garden is considered as one of the "Four Famous Gardens of Guangdong". It is difficult to visit using public transportation, but once there, traditional architecture and an exquisite garden welcomes your presence. Visitors can become mesmerized by the beauty of the Yuyin Garden. Yuyin Shan fang is an excellent place to visit if you wish for some quiet time by yourself.

AddressNancun Village, Nancun Town, Fanyu District, Guangzhou

Beijing Lu (Beijing
The attraction of shopping in Guangzhou can be found in the old pedestrian streets. Beijing Lu is a prime example, as red lanterns hang ambiently on trees that seem to be at least a few hundred years old. In the center of Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, one can tour a memorial hall which exhibits the exact image of the Guangzhou streets 1,000 years ago.

AddressBeijing Lu Street, Guangzhou

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
Another shopping street that draws public attention. Visitors can tour traditional Guangdong architecture in this area. The view is beautiful to say the least, and this is amplified during nighttime. The general prices of goods are cheaper than Beijing Lu, but one must still haggle for a bargain. Even without buying anything, just sightseeing in the area will rob away one's sense of time.

AddressShangxiajiu Street, Guangzhou

Tianhe District
Tianhe district is a very large district where you find many modern buildings, skyscrapers, parks, roads and shopping malls. Tianhe means "river in the sky", a name for the milky way in Chinese.

AddressTianhe, Guangzhou

Pearl River Night Cruise
China's 3rd Longest River, Pearl River, can be found in Guangzhou. Taking a cruise after dark, the night view from the surrounding skyline,bright river boats and great bridges make it a light show to remember. One can sightsee many uniquely designed buildings as Guangzhou law forbids construction of similar looking buildings. The shining lights from the looming skyscrapers illuminate the night sky.

Conghua Hot Springs
A hot spring area built during Ming and Qing Dynasty. There are 12 exhaust vents. Unique feature include the odorless and colorless spring water. Average temperature is 60°C, and the highest is 71°C. One might think it is too hot, but it actually results in a healing and refreshing experience.

Chimelong Paradise
Located 20 minutes drive from downtown Guangzhou, it is a multiplex entertainment park comprised of the Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park, Chimelong Circus, Chimelong Waterpark, Safari Park, Guangzhou rocodile Park, and Chimelong Hotel plus many other facilities. It is also called the Disneyland of Guangzhou.

AddressLocated 20 minutes drive from downtown Guangzhou, it is a multiplex entertainment parkcomprised of the Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park, Chimelong Circus, Chimelong Waterpark, Safari Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park, and Chimelong Hotel plus many other fac