Foshan is the hometown of famous martial artists Wong Fei-hung and Ip Man. Seen as a glittering pearl in Southern China, it has a glorious past, great ambition for the future and numerous ongoing success stories to tell as a city with incredible economic strength and cultural heritage.

A city in the southern area of Guangdong Province.
9,612,600 (2022)
Subtropical climate. With the difference of temperature, it has distinct 4 seasons. Spring is from March to May and annual average temperature is around 21°C.
Foshan CHINA
Foshan Ancestral Temple
Founded during the relocation of a Tokyo temple. Since then, it was used as a meeting place of monks, and was renamed Ancestral Tempe. An architectural design of the southern region, its current state is of the 1372 restoration from the end of Yuan Dynasty. The current large scale was established through atleast 20 renovations over the years. Inside the temple,there are numerous architectural artifacts of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty.

AddressZumiao Road, Chancheng District, Foshan

Huangfeihong Shiyi Martial Arts Building
Huangfeihong Shiyi Martial Arts Building was built in 1996 to remember the leader of Chinese martial art history, Huang Fei-hong. In accordance to its fame, the building was built with not only from Chinese investments, but international investments as well. The building showcases architectural style of late Qing Dynasty and memorial hall, Huang Fei-hong park, Huang Fei-hong marital art school, Hwan Duk-heung memorial hall and other various themed areas are divided. The building is nearby a famous mountain of Seocho Mountain’s valley and therefore one can experience martial arts and tourist attractions.

Address363 Provincial Rd, Nanhai, Foshan Tel86-757-8689-6989

Chinese Ceramic City
As a renowned porcelain city, a specialty Shopping Center is here. Various styles of ceramic products are on display throughout the 7 story building. The size of the building is so immense, a day’s shopping in Chinese Ceramic City won’t be enough. If you are looking to find a memorabilia of Foshan or buy affordable kitchen dishes and interior props, Chinese Ceramic City is the place to visit.

AddressNo.2 Jiangwan 3rd Road, Chancheng District, Foshan 528031, China

Baihua Plaza
The top representative shopping centre of Foshan, located across from Xinghua Mall. Opened on January of 1997, it is still popular to general population. A 54 story building, shopping mall, offices, hotels, luxury mansions, movie theatres, and other attractions are all located in separated floors. There is a helicopter landing zone on the rooftop and one can see a panoramic view of Foshan from the observatory.

Address33 Zumiao Rd, Chancheng, Foshan

Xinghua Mall
Xinghua Mall is one of the biggest shopping mall in Foshan, along with Baihua Plaza. It is located on Zu Miao Road, across from Foshan Ancestral Temple. Aside for its shopping area, tall buildings of business centre, entertainment systems, and others are all concentrated here. Fashion products, electronic products, home products, and various types of products are available.

AddressLiansha 5th Village, Jinsha Town, Nanhai District, Foshan

Enjoying Yueju Opera
A mandarin Yueju Opera, a Southern Chinese traditional opera that is compared as a counterpart to Northern Chinese traditional Beijing opera. Over 300 years of history, Yueju opera is performed in Guangdong castle, Guangxi castle, Hong Kong, and Macao. Yueju opera is the only opera performed in dialect. In September of 2009, UNESCO designated Yueju opera as ‘Mankind’s oral tradition and intangible heritage of humanity’. Yueju opera is loved not only in Mandarin region, but by Mandarin speaking international immigrants.It also has a central role of uniting cultural community of international Mandarin immigrants. Acting as an important medium in introducing Chinese culture to foreigners, Yueju opera has become the symbol of international cultural exchange.

Wong Fei-hung Martial Arts Performance
An easily accessible performance in Foshan region. Wong Fei-hung learned martial arts as a 5 year old and by extensively learning various martial arts, became the martial arts hero in Guanzhou region. He was an officer in his midlife and stayed in Taiwan to fight armed forces. Remembering his life by watching martial arts performance is a fabulous time.

Porcelain Handicraft Shopping
Foshan became one of the most advanced Porcelain cultural cities during the 10th century of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. Therefore, the area has skills of handicraftsman handed down and to this day, their names are known throughout the land. From decoration pieces to practical dishes, it has a wide variety. Shopping malls and many street-side stores sell Porcelain handicrafts