The Capital city of the Philippines is located on the southwestern part of Luzon Island. To the north there are the rich central Luzon plains, and to the south there are the volcanic lowlands of south Luzon. With these geological advantages, Manila is famous as one of the top port cities in the world.

Located on the southwestern area of Luzon Island, of the North Philippines, it shares the Manila Bay
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May ~ October is the rainy season, November ~ April is the dry season. The average temperature is around 33°C. During summer, it rises up to 38~39°C. During the rainy seasons, the temperature drops down to 17°C and provides a relatively cool weather.
An area that was developed by the conquerors during the Spanish colonial era. Perfectly located between the dense forests and highrise buildings, the city was built during the 16th century when Spain ruled over Philippines. The city is full of middle age nostalgia, with Spanish architectural castles, fortresses, and cathedrals. There are many attractions including, Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, and the Manila Cathedral.

AddressIntramuros, Magallanes Street, National Capital Region, Manila

Rizal Park
A park that rests the body of Jose Rizal, a revered hero and a Phillippine independence fighter. It is known as the Luneta Park among the Manila locals. It is frequently visited by locals as a resting area with its clean environment and beautiful atmosphere. It is located near to Intramuros. It is also connected to the Manila Bay to the west.

AddressRizal Park, Radial Rd 1, Roxas Blvd, National Capital Region, Manila

Manila Bay
If you want to take a scenic walk in the waterfront, or witness the beautiful southern sea sunset, Manila Bay is the perfect place to visit. Cold San Miguel beers are available in the nearby restaurants and there also are many street performances taking place along the walkway. A recommended experience is to hop on to the Sunset cruise, which will let you see the evening view of the city and the sea blending together.

AddressManila Bay, Roxas Boulecard, Manila

Mall of Asia
With over 1km in length, the Mall of Asia is the biggest shopping mall in Asia. Constructed of 4 adjoining buildings, there are world famous brand stores, food courts, and facilities such as the ice rinks and IMAX movie theatres. The highlight of the Mall of Asia is to shop with fantastic sunset of Manila Bay as your backdrop.

AddressSM CITY MALL OF ASIA, Seaside Blvd, Pasay

Manazan Handicrafts
A local product specialty store near Port Santiago. One can purchase cute memorabilia such as coin purses and silk tablecloths. They are a bit expensive, but if you are looking to purchase luxurious handcrafted items, remember to visit this place. It is the local specialty store approved by the Tourism Bureau
of Philippines.

Address8 Gen Luna Cor Sta. Clara Sts. Intramuros, 655 Zone 64, Manila

Green Hills
A shopping mall comprised with many small local shops. You can cheaply buy accessories made from the famous Philippines’ pearls. The massive amount of the products might surprise you. You also can find high quality products if you do some legwork. After travelling, it is theperfect place to find souvenirs for your friends back home.

AddressGreenhills, Service Rd, San Juan, Manila, National Capital Region

A Look around the Weekend Marketplace
The central business district of Makati City transforms into a bustling marketplace during the weekend. One can find exquisite cuisine, home-made delicacies, organic products and handicraft from master craftsman at the Salcedo Weekend Market, which opens at Salcedo village every Saturday from 7am to
2pm, and the Legazpi Weekend Market, which opens every Sunday from 7am to 2pm

Gourmet Tour of the Chinatown
Flourished and developed as a trading post in the past, Binondo is located right beside Intramuros. It unofficially became the Chinatown of Manila as it was the central business area of Chinese businessmen and Chinese immigrants. One can experience many interesting cuisines, with recipes that have been
passed down from generation to generation.

Rebirth of Modern Arts
Modern arts are currently being reborn in Metro Manila. At big art galleries along the Pasong Tamo Road at Manila, one can view newly launched, or interesting works from the past. Among the many galleries, Silverlens, Manila Contemporary and Finale Art Files are known for hosting interesting exhibits.