As the oldest city in Taiwan, it has a nostalgic feel. Antique doors,
memorial archs, traces of ancient fortresses, there are many historical
artifacts in Tainan. In Tainan, one can easily experience the ‘Authentic
Traditional Chinese Culture’.

In South Taiwan, the 4th biggest city in Taiwan
1,850,735 (2022)
New Taiwan Dollar/TWD
Chinese (Mandarin),
The climate of Tainan is of a tropical climate.
Average year-long temperature is about 24°C.
Eternal Golden Castle
This castle was built on the seashore in order to increase the coastal defense. It was constructed in the late 19th century of the Qing Dynasty and the square architecture with high castle walls and trench is the first western style castle of Taiwan. The current Armstrong cannon is a replica of the original in England in 1975.

AddressNo. 3, Guangzhou Rd, Anping District, Tainan Tel886-6-295-1504

The oldest historical remains in Tainan, Jeokgamru was originally built in 1653 as a Netherland administrative centre. There is a museum with artifacts from Netherland Colonial era. In front, there are tombstones, on top of a turtle shell made of 9 stones, built during the Qing Dynasty. In Jeokgamru, there is a horse sculpture with its legs cutoff. The legend has it the horse would come alive as a devil and
cause havoc in the village, and by cutting off its legs, it was stopped from harassing the villagers.

AddressNo. 212, Section 2, Minzu Rd, West Central District, Tainan Tel886-6-220-5647

Fort Zeelandia
A place where the history of Tainan began. In the mid 17th century, Dutchmen built a fortress here. In present times, most of the fortification is gone and red stoned walls are the only thing remaining. There are gorgeous tree roots growing along the walls. Visitors would head up to the observatory to observe the sunset or watch the fishermen’s boats floating on the straits of Taiwan.

AddressNo. 82, Guosheng Rd, Anping District, Tainan Tel886-6-226-7348

Flower Night Market
Flower Night Market is the biggest night market in Tainan. Open every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, the location changes every time. When the night market opens, the size of the crowd gets enormous. After 6pm, colorful flags are flown and the night market comes alive. The market is divided into clothing, groceries, and arcade sections, the exact number of the actual stores are impossible to count. Clothing, shoes, accessories, stationeries, and pet products are available. You can also find mah-jong, darts, and shrimp-catching games as well. Among them all, the highlight is the late night snacks. Late night, various appetizing snacks are waiting for your consumption. Spicy soy sauce grilled corn, taro stuffed fish-shaped bun, and sweet strawberry skewers are available along with exotic food such as cricket skewers and grilled sparrow skewers.

Address704, Taiwan, Tainan

Anping Old Street
Old streets in Anping district. Built 300 years ago by the Dutchmen, it is the number 1 street of Taiwan. Through its maze-like alleys, it is filled with stores of every race and diversity. The Taiwanese eatery draws visitors' attentions. Shrimp chips, steamed duck eggs, grilled squids, dried persimmons, and other mouth watering snacks lure your appetite. Viewing street concerts and small market games, reminiscing your childhood years, all make for an entertaining experience. It is located behind the Anping gobo.

AddressNo. 50, Yanping St, Anping District, Tainan

Tasting Taiwanese Food
There are many local foods in Taiwan. Meat stuffed toast, seafood noodle soup enjoyed by old fishermen, rice cake noodle made by cutting thin slices of fried rice dough and adding broth, and sweet and salty rice pudding are just to name a few. Unique menus would be eel noodles and dumplings made of sweet
potatoes and pork meat.

Exploring Mangrove Forest
Dense trees above your head create a peaceful tunnel under the canopy. The identity of the forest is the Mangrove trees. It is grown in a mud flat, created with a mixture of tropical and subtropical seawater and fresh water. As one of the designated preserved marshes, you can ride on a small boat with a guide and explore the area for half an hour. In distant past, it was a trade area of freight boats paying taxes. It shows spectacular scenery as the fruits stay on the branches and lower their buds into the

Sunset in Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields
The oldest salt field in Tainan. It has produced large quantities of natural bay salts by spreading square tiles on the field, in order to properly absorb the suns heat. However, with the decline of the Taiwanese salt industry, it has become a tourist attraction of the Southwestern seashore. Visitors can harvest salt by the ancient technique of using rakes. The biggest reason for visiting this site is to
witness the fabulous sunset. The reflection of red sunset on white salt field is unparalled.

AddressThe oldest salt field in Tainan. It has produced large quantities of natural bay salts by spreading square tiles on the field, in order to properly absorb the suns heat. However, with the decline of the Taiwanese salt industry, it has become a tourist att