A central point of politics, economy, science, culture, and education for the henan province. from the era of the shang dynasty, its 3,500 years of history make it the center of national heritage sites. being a fortress of china’s major railways, highways, and airports makes it a focal city of the central chinese economic region. the yellow sea flows underneath. on the east area, a developmental plan for a new city of 500,000 citizens is in progress.

Located inside the Henan Castle, People’s Republic of China, it is the state capital of Henan Castle.
12,742,000 (2022)
A subtropical continental climate with 4 distinct seasons. Rainfalls are concentrated during summer and average temperature is 0°C in January and 27~28°C in July
Zhengzhou CHINA
Shaolin Temple
THE temple of #1 chinese zen buddhism and the birthplace of the shaolin martial arts, the shaolin temple is located in between zhengzhou and kaifeng. it is called shaolin due to its location in the dense forest below mount song. in year 495, emperor xiaowen built it for indian buddhist master balta, and after 1,500 years, it became the focal point of the zen sect and therefore the shaolin temple became the court
of china’s zen sect.

AddressDeng Feng Da Dao, Dengfeng, Zhengzhou Tel86-371-6274-8971

STONE Tower Forest
Named after its scenery of many spread out stone towers creating a look of a forest, it is the ancient graveyard of many high priests of the shaolin temple. it is located towards the west 400m away. tower forest has the greatest number of towers in china and thus is the biggest in total area as well. there are over 240 stone towers in premise.

AddressNortheast of the District, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

Henan Museum
Henan Museum is the biggest museum in China. The establishment and opening of the Henan Museum is an important achievement in Chinese Cultural Industry and Socialist Civilization Construction. Henan Museum was established in 1927. Following its relocation from Kaifeng to Zhengzhou, it became one of the top 8 museums in the country.

AddressNo.8 Nongye Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou Tel86-371-6351-1237

Grand Shanghai City
A trendy global shopping center that draws lots of attention. massive in size and with state-ofthe-art
facilities, costing over 1.5 billion Yuan. With many attractions and food, clothing, and shelter stores, one-stop shopping is possible. There are over 28 entrances. The area has over 30 streets and the daily floating population is more than 100,000 shoppers. It is located on ‘Erqi Plaza’, known as the golden triangle of Zhengzhou.

AddressE Taikang Rd, Guancheng, Zhengzhou

Jiankang Street
A representative general market of Zhengzhou. The entrance full of people gives you a real feeling of a true night market. The design of the market is in plus sign and has shopping streets by the main road and an eatery area along the food alley. The surprising aspect is the variety of its products. The stores along the 200m street from the main entrance offers tremendous amount of choices. Watching many
street carts decorated into unique characteristics is a joy to watch.

AddressJiankang Street, Zhengzhou

Erqi Area
Erqi area of Zhengzhou is an area of lively commercial industry. Most of the business and tourist attractions are spread out around the Erqi Memorial Tower. With many large shopping centres in the area, it is visited by many people throughout the day. From Beijing Hualian Department Store to Dashanghai mall, Dennis Department Store, and Zhenghong Mall, you can find various shopping malls in the Erqi

AddressErqi, Zhengzhou

Kung-Fu Festival
A 5 day festival, taking place every midseptember, showcases traditional martial arts of the Shaolin Temple. Many martial arts teams from various parts of the country showcase their talents in matches and
performances. The games are fierce and the performances are colorful. Many domestic and international tourists come to experience Chinese martial arts firsthand.

The beginning of Chinese martial arts goes back thousands of years, and Tai Chi, a philosophical approach to dynamic features of martial art with combination of Yin and Yang, is the most developed and famous martial art of them all. Tai Chi is practiced for matches, self defense, workouts, entertainment, expression, prevention of diseases, healing of illness, health longevity, and other various purposes, and
therefore is loved by everyone.

Exploration of Yuntai
Yuntai Mountain is a renowned mountain located 70km away in northwest direction from Zhengzhou. Yuntai mountain is famous for its strange looking mountains, magnificent valleys, peaceful woods, and rich history. Located in Jiaozuo county, Yuntai mountain is a one-stop attraction for natural scenic landscape with waterfalls, rocks, lakes, shrines, and caves. Yuntai Mountain was designated as unesco geological park.

AddressYuntai Mountain is a renowned mountain located 70km away in northwest direction from Zhengzhou. Yuntai mountain is famous for its strange looking mountains, magnificent valleys, peaceful woods, and rich history. Located in Jiaozuo county, Yuntai mountain