The natural scenic landscape of Zhangjiajie surprises its visitors with its dynamic aspects. Nicknamed the ‘Chinese Landscape Painting’ and ‘A Miniature World of Taoist Hermits’, there are over 300 rock mountain peaks and 800 streams. It is notorious as the film location of the movie .

A city inside the Hunan Castle of People’s Republic of China
1,510,300 (2022)
A subtropical climate of damp yet pleasant.
Located on northern region latitude.
Zhangjiajie CHINA
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
The best national forest park in China, one can witness magnificent view of valleys and mountain peaks, with many strange looking mountain peaks standing in numerous places, and there is a river valley snaking underneath these mountain peaks. It is a primitive indigenous forest and the forest makes up for over 97% of the park area.

AddressWulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie Tel86-744-571-8811

Zhangjiajie Canyon
The highlight of Zhangjiajie tour. One cannot help but exclaim due to beautiful landscape of valleys, rivers, and waterfalls. One of the best canyons in China, it is recommended to wear a raincoat against the spraying waterfalls. Also the cliffs are very steep, so the children and elderly must be cautious when climbing. There is a granite slide for you to enjoy in the middle area.

AddressWulingyuan, Zhangjiajie

Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve
The total area of Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is 670,000m². One must leave it up to the heavens in order to view Tianzi Mountain on a clear sunny day, as it rains or gets foggy for over 200 days a year. However, it is a place where you can see nature at its truest form. When you purchase an admission ticket, you can ride the shuttle bus for free.

AddressWulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie

Many Mart
A massive supermarket in Zhangjiajie. It is the perfect place to purchase gifts and there are many local specialties available. Think of a large supermarket of a major city. One can buy local cookies, various herbal ingredients, and dried fruits. There are many groceries, not found in an average store, and the prices are reasonably cheap. With more choices than a Duty Free Shop, it is frequented by locals and tourists alike.

AddressMany Mart, Zhangjiajie

Chun Sung Mart
Compromised of similar characteristics as a major supermarket, it sells household items at a reasonable price. 1st floor has many accessory and general good stores, and the 2nd floor houses the supermarket. The supermarket is usually visited by the locals while tourists rarely visit here. Not that different from supermarkets from neighboring cities and you can buy Chinese specialties at a low price.

AddressChun Sung Mart, Zhangjiajie

Foot Massage
In Chinese Herbal Medicine, the foot is considered to have connecting points for every part of your body. The Chinese foot massage is the epitome of acupuncture, and professional acupuncturists soothe your tired body by massaging your foot. First, you must cleanly wash your foot, briefly soak it in medicinal water, and receive a foot massage on each foot for about 30~40 minutes. Sometimes, they check your health during the massage.

Wan Fu Wen Quan Hot Spring
Wan Fu Wen Quan is one of the top 10 hot springs in China. It is of natural mineral water, providing you with clean and clear water. The water temperature is always maintained above 53 degress. One can enjoy the hot spring bath in 48 big and small hot springs, full of healthy minerals. There are also many other attractions, including a waterslide for children.

Jiangya Hot Spring
Jiangya hot spring the best hot spring resort, located near the focal point of world natural heritage site, Wulingyuan, and it provides top of-the-line facilities with a magnificent landscape scenery. The only place to offer traditional outdoor hot spring in the Hunan Province, one can enjoy over 20 different types of natural hot springs. The shiny paths, in between the hot springs, and artificial waterfalls, small and articulate bridges over the flowing creek, and the combination of the gorgeous landscape in the background, provides the perfect resting spot for anyone