Today Kampar has developed as Daerah Kecil Gopeng's administrative centre and Kampar as the financial and business centre for the surrounding population. Kampar was even once the fourth largest city in Perak after Ipoh, Taiping and Teluk Intan.

Kampar is a district in Perak state, situated in the Kinta Valley
Ringgit / MYR
The climate in Kampar is hot, oppressive, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 73°F to 91°F.
Tempurung Cave
Tempurung Cave is the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia and is estimated to be 400 million years old. Visitors can enjoy the exciting roads along the way and marvel at the sight of stalactite and stalagmite found in abundance in the cave. This largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia with a length of 1.9km is located in Gopeng. The cave consists of five huge domes and hence the name 'tempurung' (or shell in English) due to the dome-shaped ceilings resembling the coconut shell.

Kampar River Water Rafting
Especially for visitors who enjoy life in natural surroundings and want to experience the amazing and exotic rainforest. Soak in the breath-taking views of butterflies fluttering or perching at riverbanks as you enjoy the clear water while rafting along the Kampar River (Class I-III). Suitable for anyone who is fit and those who yearn for the thrilling challenges from such activities.

Disney Avenue Agacia Land
This area is called Agacia Town comprising mainly of 3 storey shop lot units neatly built into 3 rows of buildings. Each unit is built with a different English-themed style and detail, the whole area resembles that of a European City. The building façade adopts a Disney-themed concept by using a clever combination of a variety of pastel colours. The main attraction of Agacia Town which is due to its unique building architecture has made it a favourite spot for photography enthusiasts. Among the activities one can enjoy here are the numerous restaurants and night market held every Saturday starting from 6 pm.

Address 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia Tel+60 16-555 3966

Gaharu Tea Farm
The Gaharu Tea Farm is a 300-acre plot and cultivated with approximately 200,000 Gaharu trees which is a hybrid from 12 types of Gaharu species known as HOGA (Holistic Gaharu). The entire farm is also cultivated with ornamental plants reaching almost 1,000 variety of trees including bonsai, flowering shrubs, tree canopies, etc to add beauty and charm to the whole farm. Tourists can experience all these via the Gaharu Farm Visit (HOGA Experience) which takes approximately 1 hour to tour the area in the comfort of the van provided. In this farm there is also a gift shop called the HOGA Outlet which sells innovative Gaharu-based products that encompasses a series of bodycare health products, food and beverages, cosmetics and beauty products and many others.

Kedai Kopi Gemuk, Kopisan
If you love Chinese food, this Hainanese traditional coffee shop which has been operating for more than 60 decades serves delicious food specially prepared for your morning breakfast and afternoon tea. The perfect meals served at this shop cater for all groups because this shop is pork-free and pork-lard-free.

Yau Kee Restaurant & Kelamai
[Yau Kee Restaurant]
Yau Kee Restaurant, located at Jalan Idris is a favourite stop for many tourists who want to savour its mouth-watering curry chicken cooked and wrapped with bread. If you are not a fan of spicy food, you can try the equally delicious herbal chicken bread. This restaurant also serves specialty Chinese cooking.

Kelamai is a sweet snack akin to dodol as can be seen from its colour and appearance which looks somewhat blackish and tangy. It is cooked by baking it inside bamboo tubes similar to lemang making by using ingredients such as powdered glutinous rice, brown sugar, coconut milk, kerisik, oil solids and white sugar. Preparation is time consuming as these ingredients must be mixed and marinated for three days before being inserted into the bamboo tubes so that it can produce that truly aromatic and delicious flavour. Do not miss it!

Hiking Batu Putih Hill
Batu Putih Hill is one of the destinations which attract visitors who love hiking activities. The view from the top of Batu Putih Hill is simply magnificent, especially so during sunrise or sunset. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the panoramic views of the entire Gopeng area from the top of this hill.

Iqa Corner Restaurant & Adily Restaurant
[Iqa Corner Restaurant]
Iqa Corner Restaurant is among one of the popular restaurants that attracted both locals and outside visitors. Among the famous signature dishes offered by this restaurant are Nasi Vanggey and Fish Head Curry.

[Adily Restaurant]
If you love and enjoy village-style cooking, Adily Restaurant is among one of the favourite restaurants serving a wide variety of delicious village style dishes, all very reasonably priced.