The name Yantai came from the beacon built in 1398, during the era of Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.
This beacon acted as a sign of alerting attacks by Japanese pirates. Over 20 diverse races live here.
It is known as a marine city but has advanced its industry to making products such as clocks and electronics

A city inside Shandong Castle of People’s Republic of China. Qingdao lies to the Southwest, and Weihei to the East.
7,083,000 (2022)
A temperate oceanic climate, annual average temperature is 12°C.
Yantai CHINA
Yantai Mountain Park
Located in the central area of the city, it is the best place to view all of Yantai. It was to serve military purpose with the installation of an artillery unit there in 1398. With the opening of Yantai in 1861, many consulates were built around the park, from England, USA, France,Japanese, and Russia. There is the #1Beach of Yantai to the right side of the entrance to Yantai Mountain.

AddressChaoyang Street, Zhifu District, Yantai

Penglai Pavilion
Located on Sangdong Bay, Penglai, called the ‘Fairyland’ from ancient times, is surrounded by the long castle wall comparable to the Great Wall of China, here one can admire faraway ocean. Chosen as one of the top 4 castles of China, it is famous as the background of many Chinese paintings. The popular Penglai memorabilia are candle handicrafts, clam shell handicrafts, and pearl necklaces.

Address9 Haibin Rd, Penglai, Yantai

Nanshan Temple
Nanshan Temple is the large Buddhist statue standing as a symbol in the religious area of Longkou, and many tourists visit Nanshan in order to see this Buddhist statue. At a height of 38.66m and weighting 380t, it is the larget bronze statue in Asia. When looking up at the 360 stairs, one will be overwhelmed by its massive size, but once you look down at the stairs after climbing them, the landscape will spread out into an amazing view.

AddressLongkou, Yantai

Night Market
Fun sightseeing, fun in bargaining, a night market that offers unique sightseeing in every city is also here in Yantai. When walking in downtown Yantai during the night, you will smell the distinct smell of Chinese cuisine and notice smoke coming from cart bars. It is the sign of a nearby night market, filled with a diverse array of eateries. Once the sun starts to set, merchants will slowly open their shops for the night market, and just like many other places, Yantai’s night market offers a window into the locals ways of life. For only a distance of 300m, two streets are filled to the brim with street carts. Most of the food is sold by the entrance, and all types of ingredients are fried on skewers making an interesting sight. If you head further inside, you will find various stores selling electronics, clothing, household items, accessories, and etc.It is a fun experience just to watch, but an even better experience to bargain for the best price possible.

AddressJianchang S St, Zhifu, Yantai

Economic Development Zone Shopping Centre
Inside the Economic Development Zone, located near the Golden Beach of Muping, there are 5~6 modern department store-like shopping centres, allowing you a convenient shopping experience.The Development zone is an area where resort facilities are being built, with the Golden Beach as the focal point, with international investments. There are no luxury brands in the shopping centre, so there are plenty of choices for you to buy groceries and house hold items at a reasonable price.

AddressMuping District, Yantai

Enjoying Aishan Hot Spring
A family hot spring inside a clean mountains. The hot spring is another main attraction of Yantai that you cannot miss. Aishan Hot Spring, located nearby Yantai, is surrounded by mountains so the air is very clean and the surrounding environment is very beautiful. It is known to be effective against various illnesses.

Tasting Yantai Apples
Among its rich local specialties, Yantai is famous as a distributing center of its apples, the ‘Yantai Apple’ is very popular. Yantai has a long history of cultivating apples and the volume of production is very high in China. Apples justifiably represent Yantai with its top quality, aromatic scent, and sweet taste. Every mid-August to early November is the harvest season.

Taking a Stroll in the Golden Beach
The Golden Beach got its fine golden sand spread across a 10km area. Fine sand glitters like gold on a clear sunny day. With the long beach, gentle slopes, fine sand, and peaceful sea, it has all conditions for a perfect beach.

AddressThe Golden Beach got its fine golden sand spread across a 10km area. Fine sand glitters like gold on a clear sunny day. With the long beach, gentle slopes, fine sand, and peaceful sea, it has all conditions for a perfect beach.