Tianjin with its high population number is a very large city. Gray streets and large red writings reminds one of China and yet 19th century European buildings dot the streets. In the downtown area, skyscrapers line together to create a panoramic skyline. Tianjin, a city that went through a golden era in the early 20th century through finance and commerce, shows its tourists the face of tomorrow’s China.

A direct-controlled municipality city of Eastern China. The Yellow Sea is to the east, and west, south, and north border Hebei Castle.
13,730,000 (2022)
Distinct 4 seasons. A continental climate with winter being cold and dry from pressures of Siberian
anticyclonic belt and summer being hot and rainy due to pressure from the North Pacific Ocean’s anticyclone.
Tianjin CHINA
Tianjin Natural Museum
One of the most famous museums of natural history in China, it was built in 1914. In a property of 20,000m2 , a main building of 12,000m2 stands. Inside the newly built exhibition, it is full of facilities, such as the 3rd floor audiovisual education room, and the 2nd floor resting lounge. Providing services for disabled and the elderly, 3 different language audio guides are also provided for foreigners.

AddressTianjin Natural Museum, Hexi, Tianjin Tel86-22-2335-9807

Tianjin Water Park
Located on Northwestern area of Tianjin, there is a large lake inside the water park. You can find many couples in boats sightseeing the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake. Visitors can also meet Pandas in the zoo of the park, contructed in 1951. If you enter the tower, located across the park, a view of the Tianjin city will spread before your eyes

AddressShuishang Gongyuan E Rd, Nankai, Tianjin Tel86-22-2337-0870

Tianjin Radio & Television Tower
One of the top 10 landscapes of Tianjin. With a 415.2m height, it is the fourth highest tower in the world, and the second in Asia, it is functioning as a TV and broadcasting tower. In the tower, there is an observatory and a rotating restaurant. On the 2nd floorobservatory, you can use a telescope to view a radius of 100m, while the rotating restaurant can serve up to 2,000 people at once.

AddressZijinshan Road, Tianjin Tel86-22-2334-3557

Ancient Cultural Str
When discussing the prime attraction of Tianjin, Ancient Cultural Street is the first on the list. On both sides, Qing Dynasty style buildings are spread along, with bustling market streets in between. Paintings, calligraphic works, antiques, handicrafts, unique sculptures, traditional Chinese customs for foreigners, writing brush, and other are available to be purchased as a memorabilia. Rip-off prices, usually for tourists, are hard to find here.

AddressAncient Cultural Street, Tianjin

The Golden Street
The most bustling street of young adults in Tianjin. Its length is 2km. Shopping malls, gift shops, and restaurants line the street. If you thought of Myeong-dong of South Korea, due to the fact that 20 year olds shop at Golden Street, you will be disappointed. However, the food alley, a 5 minute walk from the main road, is a must see. It is full of street food vendors.

AddressThe Golden Street, Tianjin

New Italian Style Town
An Italian town built in 1902. It is an exotic town with restaurants and pubs covered in red bricks from ground to buildings. There are Italian handicraft toys and interior props being sold in stores, and many high-quality items can be found. If you visit here over the weekend, you can find many couples taking wedding photos and watching them is a joyful experience.

Riding Tianjin Eye
If there is the London Eye in London, there is the Tianjin Eye in Tianjin. It is built between the Yongle Bridge, across the Hai River. The highest point is 120m, there are 48 capsules connected to it. It takes 30 minutes for one round. The night view is more beautiful as there is heavy smog during the day. At the moment of reaching the top, the view of Hai River, European buildings, and the skyline of high-rise buildings are one breathtaking view.

Spa Experience at the St. Regis Tianjin Hotel
A spa operated by Touch Spa, the most luxurious spa brand in Starwood Group. There are 5 private treatment rooms and 2 couples’ rooms. 2 VIP rooms are found as well, with double Jacuzzi, spa massage beds, and hot spa salon beds. One can continue their resting experience by swimming at the indoor swimming pool right after their spa experience.

Tasting Goubuli, Traditional Tianjin Dumpling
Started 100 years ago in Qing Dynasty era. It is a must-eat specialty for there is a saying, ‘If you do not eat Goubuli when visiting Tianjin, you have not visited Tianjin at all’. With pork and assorted ingredients inside, ferment flour is used to make dumplings. With its appetizing looks, soft white surface and rich meat juice, it is a true delicacy.

AddressStarted 100 years ago in Qing Dynasty era. It is a must-eat specialty for there is a saying, ‘Ifyou do not eat Goubuli when visiting Tianjin, you have not visited Tianjin at all’. With pork and assorted ingredients inside, ferment flour is used to make du