The Beijing Olympics was a success story for many places, not just Beijing.
Cities in regional China successfully hosted games that were impossible to be accommodated within Beijing, and spread their name internationally. One of those cities was Shenyang. Shenyang is an important Industrial Centre in China, and is the spearhead of the Northeast Area Revitalization Plan.

The capital of Liaoning Province, it is the biggest city among three provinces of Northeastern
8,291,000 (2022)
A damp continental climate affected by seasonal winds. Summer is hot and humid, due to seasonal wind, and winter is cold and dry, due to Siberia atmospheric pressure. Shenyang has 4 distinct seasons.
Shenyang CHINA
Shenyang Forbidden City (Mukden Palace)
When one thinks of Capital city of China, everyone would automatically think of Beijing. However, Beijing wasn’t always the Capital of China. In 1625, with the Qing Dynasty being founded by Nurhachi, Shenyang became the Capital city of China. Before the capital relocation to Beijing in 1644, Shenyang was the central city of China for 20 years. The foremost tourist site to visit in Shenyang is the Mukden Impeial Palace. The palace resembles The Forbidden City.

Address171 Shenyang Rd, Shenhe, Shenyang Tel86-24-2484-4192

Liaoning TV Tower
A tower resembling a UFO is visible from anywhere in Shenyang. It is the tower of Liaoning TV station, a local broadcasting company of Liaoning Castle, which also serves as a 350m tall observatory, overlooking the landscape of Shenyang. The tallest building in Shenyang, it acts as a landmark of Shenyang with restaurants and amenities. You can look over the city and watch people practicing Tai Chi in the City Square during morning and evening.

Address1 Caita St, Shenhe, Shenyang Tel86-24-2393-6210

Tianta Street
Shenyang's Korea Town was the first Korea Town in China. Once you step into the Tianta Street, the familiar yet out-of-place Korean signs can be seen. An Ethnic Korean village, South Korean and North Korean restaurants line the street, as if they are at competition with each other.

AddressTianta Street, Shenyang

Taiyuan Street
Taiyuan Street is the biggest shopping area of Shenyang. A luxury department store on the ground floor, a massive underground shopping centre resembling Dongdaemun Market of Korea, is spread before your eyes. It is interesting sight to see a shopping heaven of full of fakes and counterfeits hiding underneath a luxury department store that is famous for only selling authentic products. If you can find your way around the underground shopping centre, you can buy clothing and accessories cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

AddressTaiyuan Street, Shenyang

Wuai Market
A 5 story building, including an underground parking floor, it houses over 50,000 stores and products such as clothing, general goods, cosmetic products, and leather. Goods are reasonably priced, and for 100 Yuan you can easily buy a men’s suit or a ladies dress. The qualities of the products are a topic for another day, but if you have a sharp eye for good quality products, you can buy things at a ridiculously cheap price.

Address65 Renao Rd, Shenhe, Shenyang

New World Department Store
A new department store that first opened its doors in 2012. Originally founded on Zhonghua Road,
the popularity of the Hong Kong brands sold caused another branch to be made at Jianqiao Road. It is a trendy department store frequented by young adults. A total of 6 floors, underground floors house snacks and groceries, while the 1st to 3rd floor have women’s clothing, and the 4th floor has men’s clothing. The 5th floor has men’s wear and sportswear, while the 6th floor has electronics, furniture, and children’s clothing.

Address3 Jinqiao Rd, Dadong, Shenyang

Tasting LaobianJiaozi Dumpling
A 170 year old restaurant, famous for having over 30 different kinds of dumpling. LaobianJiaozi is a dumpling specialty place that should be visited at least once by everyone. It is recommended to memorize a basic dumpling name before visiting as it is easy get an order wrong while ordering from the menu.

Massage Experience at Langjujurou
Langjujurou is a massage parlor that specializes on foot massages with 6 different branches across China. Its unique features are that young and wild men and women are the massage experts, creating a sensual and exciting atmosphere.

Massage Experience at Chusangrrau
Chusangrrau reminds one of an expensive salon frequented by high-ranking officials. On the 1st floor, one can see that there are many pictures of different people on the wall. They are the pictures of the massage experts of Chusangrrau, and a visitor can pick a masseuse of their choice after looking at the
pictures. If you ever feel the need to be properly pampered, Chusangrrau is a popular recommendation.