A major transportation hub of Guangdong province with Beijing-Guangzhou train tracks running through. It is also famous as the trading center of coal, cigarettes, and paper. There is a small coalfield in the area, and the nearby mountain grounds are full of iron ore and tungsten, showcasing the strength of the industrial city. Shaoguan has become an up and coming city of Guangdong province along with Qingyuan and Foshan.

A city on the northern area of Guangdong Province.
3,367,500 (2022)
Subtropical climate.With the difference of temperature, it has distinct 4 seasons. Spring is from March to May and annual average temperature is around 21°C.
Shaoguan CHINA
Nan Hua Temple
A temple in Shaoguan. Nan Hua Temple is a designated Buddhist temple of the Chan School of Buddism and was founded in the period of North-South Dynasties. It was originally named the Baolin Temple. Since then, Nan Hua Temple has undergone numerous restorations. Despite that, it retains much of its architecture from the period of North-South Dynasties.

AddressQujiang, Shaoguan Tel86-751-650-1014

Mount Danxia
A mountain in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province. A region of red sandstone mountaintops, it is compromised of over 680 steep cliffs and red rocks. Distinct features are the red cliffs. Many geologists have praised the beauty of its landscape, out of over 1,200 locations in the world.

AddressQujiang, Shaoguan Tel86-751-650-1014

Jiangshao Furniture
A furniture store located on southern area of Shaoguan. Various types of furniture from all over China are on display in a spacious room. It is frequented by the locals for its inexpensive price. If you search among the stacks of furniture, you can find unique and detailed interior props. A place where you can find antique chairs and tables at a reasonable price

AddressShaonan N Ave, Zhenjiang, Shaoguan

Yihao Line Shopping Mall
A shopping mall that is located near the north river that runs through Shaoguan. It is located inside a high-rise building on the main street, across from the Zhongshan Park. As a shopping mall in the busiest part of the city, the number of brand stores is pretty high. With numerous ATMs and banks nearby, it is a convenient place to shop using cash.

AddressWenhua St,Zhenjiang, Shaoguan

A mega shopping mart in Shaoguan. Loved by locals for its immense choice of general goods and groceries. It even has a clothing and an electronics department, offering you a diverse variety of goods. If you wish to witness the life of the locals, visit in the afternoon. By night time, it is full of families looking to shop and have dinner. Stick around and you can find out what is popular among the locals.

Address16 Xinhua S Rd, Wujiang, Shaoguan

Enjoying Yam Cha
Yam Cha means to ‘drink tea’. Spread among locals as a dialect, it is a term that has been coined by everyone. Boasting a long history, the habit of Yam Cha has families and friends sitting down in tea shops, enjoying Dim Sum or chatting over a cup of tea.

Tasting Dim Sum
Dim Sum is the highlight of Guangdong cuisine. Many people mistakenly think of Dim Sum as only a Hong Kong styleof cuisine. Dim Sum is a simple snack that you have when you Yam Cha. Including dumplings, its exact number of varieties is uncountable even by the Chinese locals. Dim Sum has become, not only in
Guangdong, a kind of food loved worldwide.

Riding on the Backseat of a Motorcycle
One can find many motorcycles on the streets of Guangdong. The number of motorcycles peak during the rush hours. Used also as a form of taxi, it is recommended to ride one. For about 3 Yuan, you can tour the city by riding on a motorcycle through the small back alleys.