Membership Benefits

    Establishment of cooperative relationships within the TPO network

  • Opportunities to build global networks and exchange information
  • Increased opportunities to interact and cooperate with other TPO members
  • Consultation and promotion of programs to enhance mutual understanding among cities
  • ※ Mutual visits and exchange programs among member cities:
    Visiting between member cities, training of public officials, inspection of advanced policies, benchmarking, etc.

    Tourism promotion through various TPO networks and media channels

  • Advertising and promotion of members’ information via the TPO network
  • TPO website (Korean/English), newsletter, magazine, social media, etc.
  • TPO member introduction articles, tourism information, events and festivals, promotional videos, etc.

    Participation in large-scale international events organized by TPO

  • TPO plans a variety of international events with city members, such as the TPO General Assembly, Forum, Executive Committee Meeting, and other inter-city exchange events
  • Increasing international competitiveness through hosting of international meetings, events and festivals, and sharing case studies of successful policies excellent policies

    Strengthening of international status through participation in TPO international meetings

  • Participation in various international meetings and conference presentation sessions
  • Opportunities to participate in and have the right to speak out at the General Assembly, Executive Committee Meetings and Regional Meetings

    Participation in numerous joint projects to promote the tourism industry

  • Joint Marketing Project (Joint participation in international travel exhibitions or hosting of the TPO Tourism Promotion Presentation)
  • Human Resources Development Program in Tourism Sector
  • The capacity-building program for officials of city members
  • Tourism Information Exchange Project

    Tourism marketing support

  • TPO joint marketing center
  • Promotion of information regarding TPO members’ events and festivals, invitation of oversea buyers, development of tourism products, media promotion, etc.