사무총장 인사말

TPO Secretary-General: WOO Kyoung-ha

WOO Kyoung-ha, the fourth Secretary-General of the TPO, took office on December 1, 2021.

Biography of WOO Kyoung-ha

As a career diplomat of the Republic of Korea (South) for 35 years, the Secretary-General has worked in the U.S. (Washington D.C.), Senegal, Switzerland, France, Saudi Arabia and Australia. He has more than 20 years of direct experience working with international organizations and global events. Specifically, he focused on work related to the G20, the UN, WTO, OECD, APEC, World EXPO, ASEM, and UNCTAD, where he dealt with complex international protocol and collaboration between multilateral parties. He has a wide array of first-hand experience leading high profile international affairs, with special focus on global protocol including state visits to the UK, the US, China, and France.

As Korean Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Commonwealth of Australia, the Secretary-General worked closely with the Australian government as well as other colleagues in the diplomatic community, and has gained a unique perspective that has deepened his understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and its priorities and concerns. Combined with his years in Senegal and Saudi Arabia, his understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion across borders and religions will be a true asset to furthering the mission of the TPO.

The Team

Job Title Name Duties Telephone
Secretary General Woo Kyoung-ha Operation of the TPO Secretariat as a Representative 051-502-1966
Executive Director Ko Jaemin Administrative Affairs, External Cooperation, etc. 051-502-2986
Director Cho Jae-dong General Assembly, Forum, Executive Committee, Regional Meeting,
External Cooperation (International Organizations, etc.)
Director Wan Xiang Tourism Information Exchange, Media, Promotion, Vehicle Management,
External Cooperation (China, Chinese Taipei, etc.)
Chief Choi Eun-jin Budget, Accounting, HR, General Affairs, Audit 051-502-1967
Chief Ooi Ee Lyn Joint Marketing, Interpretation and Translation,
External Cooperation (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.)
Chief Han Arhreum Vision 2050, Human Resource Development(Education),
External Cooperation(Korea, Russia, Japan, etc.)
Chief Son Jaeun Joint Marketing, Human Resource Development (CLIP), Intern Management,
External Cooperation (Vietnam, Thailand, India, etc.)