International conference

Operation of the Organization

Management of the Organization
The General Assembly, every member attends, is the supreme decision-making body. It is convened every two years in the location of one of its members, and determines items proposed by the Executive Committee.

History of General Assembly Meeting

History of General Assembly
No Host City Date Participants Theme & Slogan
10th Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia November 2022 200 delegates from 38 cities in 8 Countries Rebuilding Tourism and Digital Promotion
9th Busan, Korea September 2019 700 delegates from 80 cities in 15 Countries Common Prosperity in Tourism through Open Partnership
8th Tongyeong, Korea October 2017 349 delegates from 50 cities in 9 Countries City Brand and Tourism
7th Sanya, China May 2015 250 delegates from 35 cities in 10 Countries The Innovative Stratege for the New Leap of TPO
Slogan: "New Leap of TPO"
6th Daejeon, Korea September 2013 310 delegates from 36 cities in 8 Countries Activiation of the regional cultural tourism industry through an international organization
Slogan: "Celebration of the 10th anniversary of TPO"
5th Dalian, China September 2011 200 delegates from 36 cities in 8 Countries Crisis Management of the Tourism Industry
4th Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia September 2009 250 delegates from 30 cities in 8 Countries Climate Change and Tourism
3rd Guangzhou, China August 2007 300 delegates from 44 cities in 8 Countries The Stimulation of Tourism Industry through Attracting Tourism Investment
Slogan: "More Investment for Better Business"
2nd Fukuoka, Japan September 2005 200 delegates from 32 cities in 8 Countries Future Collaboration to Activate TPO Joint Projects
Slogan: "Next Stage of City Network"
1st Busan, Korea September 2003 157 delegates from 32 cities in 8 Countries Prosperity through Asia Pacific Cities Networks & Tourism Industry
Slogan: "Power of City Network"