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TPO Forum

TPO Forum
TPO Forum is to discuss topical issues in the tourism industry and to share knowledge and experiences among working-level officials of member cities. The first TPO Forum was held in Busan in May 2004 under the theme of "The Trend of Asia-Pacific Tourism Markets & Counter-measuring Strategies." In line with Forum, a Joint Symposium of the TPO-UNESCAP was held. The event was the first cooperative project with another international organization. The TPO Forum and the TPO General Assembly are held alternatively, every other year.

History of TPO Forum

History of TPO Forum
No Host city Date Theme
8th Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam June 2018 Smart Tourism
7th Jeonju, Korea June 2016 Aging and Tourism
6th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia June 2014 Development of the Islamic Tourism Market
5th Penang, Malaysia September 2012 Protection and Development of World Heritage (100 delegates from 25 cities)
4th Vladivostok, Russia October 2010 How to Overcome the Economic Recession in Tourism Industry
3rd Busan, Korea October 2008 Cooperation between the public and the private for investment and development of the TPO joint projects (31 member cities in 8 countries)
Future of Tourism Investment (400 participants from 25 countries)
2nd Hangzhou, China October 2006 The strategy and measures to facilitate DMOs
1st Busan, Korea May 2004 Trends of Asia-Pacific Tourism Market & Countermeasure Strategy