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TPO Secretary-General paid courtesy visits to major tourist destinations in Indonesia for cooperation and expansion of TPO Membership
Date 2019.01.16 Hits 1565

On 9 January, Visit to Mr. Irwan Prayitno, Governor of  West Sumatra, Indonesia 

- On 9 January, Meeting at the Government of West Sumatra Tourism Office with 19 Directors of Tourism Department belonging to West Sumatra, Indonesia


- On 10 January, Meeting with Dr.Ir.Hj.Hidayati, M.Si, Director General of North Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office


- On 10 January, Visit to Mr. H.T.Dzulmi Eldin, S.MSi, Mayor of Medan, North Sumatra


On 11 January, Meeting with Mr. Hari Wibowo, Head of Destination & Marketing Division at Jakarta Metropolitan City


- On 11 January, Meeting with Mrs. Ika, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia


- On 11 January, Visit to Dr.Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi, Secretary General of United Cities & Local Governments Asia Pacific

- On 11 January, Meeting with Dr.Sapta Nirwandar, Former Deputy Minister of Tourism of Indonesia who will lead TPO Consulting Team from February, 2019


Mayor of Busan and TPO Secretary-General paid a visit to China to promote the 9th TPO General Assembly


Explosive prospect for tourism fever due to peace process on Korean peninsular. Mr. Oh Keo-don, President City Mayor of TPO is in the center of this historic process.