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35th TPO Executive Committee Meeting
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[35th Executive Committee Meeting ] 

TPO Executive Committee is comprised of representative city governments from each country. One member city from each country becomes a member of the Executive Committee, and one additional member city an be appointed as the member if the country has over 10 member cities. TPO Executive Committee Meeting is convened biannually to deliberate on the significant issues related to the operation of TPO, such as budget plans and approval of new members. It makes decisions on the current issues of TPO within the framework of the TPO General Assembly and the decisions made at the Executive Committee will be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.


□ Outline 

- Date : Friday, 26th February 2021

- Time : 1030 AM - 1159 AM (Online / Zoom)

- Participants : TPO Executive Committee Member 

  (Busan,  Jeonju, Pariaman, Taiping, Guangzhou, Sanya, Jakarta, Fukuoka, Ipoh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vladivostok)





Title / Department / Organization 


Cho Yu-jang 

Director General,

Tourism & MICE Industries Bureau 

Busan Metropolitan City


Lee Kyung-taek


Tourism Promotion Division 



Noriyuki Misaka 

Assistant Director,

Tourism Marketing Section 



Zhu Hongbing 

Deputy Director-General,
Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

 Ho Chi Minh City


Bui Thi Ngoc Hieu​

 Deputy Director,

Department of Tourism



Rohayah Binti Haji Abdul Kadir​​
Senior Director,
Ipoh City Council



 Sonti Pangaribuan​


Marketing and Attraction Division



 Kim Yeon-Ji​


Global Marketing Team



 Genius Umar​




Yu Tingting​

 Deputy Director,

Tourism Promotion Board


Khairul Amir




Yuri Zhuravel​


International Relations Department

TPO Secretariat​

Kim Soo-il​



 □ Summary

  1. Approval on New Members      APPROVED  

  A. Category 1: Government Member

  - Gyeonggi Province, Korea

  - Huzhou, China

  - Tansen, Nepal

  - Kampar, Malaysia

  - Long An Province, Vietnam

  B. Category 2: Non-Profit and Non-Government Organization Member

  - Gumi University, Korea

  - Suseong University, Korea 


  2. Approval on the Settlement of Financial Accounts and the Audit Report on TPO Secretariat for 2018      APPROVED  

  - Auditor : ​Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  - Audit Period : Nov. 26 - 29, 2019

  3. Adjustment of Budget Plan for 2019      APPROVED  

  - Income adjustment for 2019

​  - Expenditure adjustment for 2019

  4. Approval on the Settlement of Financial Accounts and the Audit Plan on the TPO Secretariat for 2019      APPROVED  

  - Audit Schedule: In the first half of 2021

  - Auditor: To be appointed among member cities in Korea

  * Audit Date and Auditor will be determined by agreement between the Chairman and the Secretariat, considering the situation of COVID-19

  - Audit Report: At the 36th TPO Executive Committee, in the first half of 2021


  5. Adjustment of Budget Plan for 2020      APPROVED  

  - ​Income adjustment for 2020

  - Expenditure adjustment for 2020

  6. Deliberation on the TPO Activity and Budget Plan for 2021      APPROVED  

  - Please find the details on ​Website : : "Secretariat Activities > Annual plans and report > What we do"


  7. Composition of the Executive Committee      APPROVED  

   - Dhulikhel Municipality (Nepal)


TPO Executive Commitee

(2020.01.01 - 2021.12.31)

 President City

  Busan (Korea)

Co-president City

  - Ulsan, Jeonju (Korea)             - Taiping (Malaysia)               - Pariaman (Indonesia)


Executive Committee

(Member City)

  - Guangzhou, Sanya (China)      - Fukuoka (Japan)                  - Jakarta (Indonesia)

  - Ipoh (Malaysia)                    - Vladivostok (Russia)              - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

  - Dhulikhel (Nepal)                 - Bangkok (Thailand)               - Manila (Philippines)



  8. Deliberation on the Adjustment of the Membership Fees for "Category 2. Educational Institutions and Research Members"      APPROVED  


  The Committee deliberated on the adjustment of the membership fee for "Educational Institutions & Research Members", from USD 1,500 to USD 500. 

  However, the Committee decided to re-consider this agenda item at the 10th General Assembly.

  9. Deliberation on Holding the 9th TPO Forum

  The 9th TPO Forum will be held as a physical event in 2022. 

  10. Other Agendas Proposed by the Executive Committee

   ​ A. Vladivostok

  - Inquiry on inviting non-members to TPO Activities

   ​ B. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)

  - Request for the cooperation among members to overcome the challenges of COVID-19

  - Emphasis on the importance of online projects in the tourism sector

  - Request for the postponement of the 9th TPO Forum to 2022*  

  ​ C. Fukuoka

  - (Agreed with HCMC*) Request for the postponement of the 9th TPO Forum to 2022

  ​ D. Ipoh

  - (Agreed with HCMC*) Request for the postponement of the 9th TPO Forum to 2022 

  ​ E. Jakarta

  - Request for holding regular meetings for ‘working-level officials’ of the member cities to share knowledge and information, such as TPO Forum

  - Request for holding additional educational programs, with the issuance of the certificate 

    for the officials to improve their personal and professional competence in the tourism sector

   - (Agreed with HCMC*) Request for the postponement of the 9th TPO Forum to 2022, after the deployment of COVID-19 vaccine.


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Meeting with the vice mayor of Yangsan City, Korea


Secretary General Had an Interview with BeFM