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Mr. Cho Yong-ho, the former Director of Tourism Industry Dept., Jeonju city, Received the Plaque of Commendation
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On Wednesday, 28 October,Mr. Cho Yong-ho​, the former Director of Tourism Industry Department, Jeonju city, received the Plaque of commendation. Prof. Dr. Kim Soo-il, the Secretary-General of TPO recognized his efforts to promote the tourism resources of the city and to improve the quality of TPO projects, conferences, etc., as the member of Executive Committee Member. Mr. Cho have highly dedicated to the prosperity of two entities in various ways since 2003, when the city joined TPO as the new member city. Thanks to active cooperation and great support from the city government and Mr. Cho, the 7th TPO Forum was successfully held in Jeonju city.​ Currently, Jeonju puts their effort to development of the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific Cities as the co-president city. 



Secretary-General of TPO Secretariat and Consul-General of Japan in Korea invited the delegates from major institutions in Busan and Daegu to the dinner banquet


MoU among TPO, BEPA and BFIC