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Secretary-General of TPO Secretariat and Consul-General of Japan in Korea invited the delegates from major institutions in Busan and Daegu to the dinner banquet
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On 23 October, Prof. Dr. Kim Soo-il(Secretary-General of TPO Secretariat) and Mr. Maruyama Kouhei(Consul general of Japan in Korea) invited the guests from main institutions in Busan and Daegu to the dinner banquet. During the dinner, they agreed to propose the decision makers of the government the ways of cooperation aiming the common prosperity and development of two neighboring countries, Japan and Korea, on the basis of mutual respect and understanding, targeting the Public of Busan and Daegu area as well. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Kim Soo-il and Mr. Maruyama agreed to closely cooperate with approximately 50 members in two countries for the normalization of the tourism industry as soon as COVID-19 pandemic ends.






(Photo: Deputy Consul General Suzuki of the Japanese Consulate in Korea, Director Kang Kyung-tae of the Busan Design Promotion Agency, Director Ko Young-sam of the Busan Institute of Human Resources and Lifelong Education, President Kim Sun-soon of Suseong University, President Choi Dae-hae of Daeshin University, President Park Ki-sik of the Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Secretary General Kim Soo-il, Consul General of the Japanese Consulate in Korea, Kim Hong-gu, and Director of Busan Welfare Foundation, Park Sook-yeon, Seoul Welfare Foundation)





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