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Opening Remark for "Regional Meeting Online for Malaysia", by Secretary-General of TPO
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Assalam Alaikum, Selamat pagi!

Honorable Mayors, Presidents, Director Generals, Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is a great pleasure for me to be able to meet you at this virtual ‘TPO's regional meeting' for Malaysian member cities, future member cities, and observers from tourism related organizations in Malaysia.


My special thanks is offered to honorable Mayor of Taping, Mr.Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir, who is also Co-President of TPO and Dato Haji Rumaizi Bin Baharin, Mayor of Ipoh which is a member city of TPO's Executive Committee, for your tireless support and contribution in preparing for this meeting. My deep appreciation is also duly extended to all other Mayors, Presidents, Director Generals and officials for your valuable participation in this virtual meeting representing your cities amid very busy schedule.


As you are all well aware, TPO was established at the 5th Asian Pacific City Summit (APCS) held in Fukuoka, Japan in 2002 with the participation of 25 mayors and governors from Asia Pacific region with the aim of enhancing exchanges and cooperation among local governments across Asia-Pacific. To meet these goals and purposes, TPO has carried out a variety of activities and programs with emphasis on helping promotion and introduction of tourism attractions and destinations of member cities to the overseas markets. particularly tourism markets in Asia -Pacific region.


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Even though the prospect for tourism for now and near term is quite bleak and discouraging due to the formidable impact of Covid 19, neverth less tourism industry will and has to continue to play a pivotal role for our economy and prosperity of our cities and nations. It’s the reason why we can not give up tourism industry, we cannot surrender to Covid 19. TPO member cities are required to work more closely and cooperatively, sharing wisdom and experiences and also exploring ways and strategies necessary for rapidly normalizing it. Tourism industry means employment, taxes, revenues, welfare, and many others to our cities and people.


Ladies and gentlemen,

I do not forget to convey my gratitude to my friend, Dato Dr.Mohamed Razip Haji Hasan, Director General of Malaysian Islamic Tourism Center for his acceptance of our abrupt proposal to present a paper for this meeting with the title “Managing Tourism Industry amid Covid 19". I hope Dato Hasan's in-depth insight and perspectives could be made best use by officials from our member cities in protecting tourism industry currently going through a serious ordeal.

I also recommend member cities in Malaysia to strengthen mutual cooperation and exchanges by developing various co-programs and co-projects to be conducted together for mutual benefits, especially those covering tourism package products among neighboring cities. Further more, Malaysian member cities can also look at the chances to develope external cooperation and exchanges with TPO member cities in other countries across Asia Pacific region, the number of which accounts for more than 132 as of today, using TPO's wide inter-city network.


Once again I repeat my warmest welcome as well as appreciation to all of you for your participation at today's regional meeting and I pray also for in-person meetings among us being available in a very near future.


Last, but not least important is my personal desire that Malaysia, a country I love and feel like my second home country could play a more leading role at TPO, commensurate with its esteemed global prestige and greatness. In this regard, I highly evaluate the role taken by Honorable Mayor of Taiping, Tuan Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir as the Co-President of TPO on behalf of Malaysia for the period of 2020 to 2021.


In conclusion, I also hope today's meeting will be significantly meaningful in building up solidarity, cooperation, and friendship among member cities in Malaysia on the one hand and for obtaining useful and productive informations and perspectives which can be applied by member cities in their endeavors to overcome this challenging covid 19 crisis.


Thank you so much for your attention. Be healthy and be well until meeting again!

Assala Alaikum dan Salam Sejatera. 


TPO Regional Meeting 2020 for Malaysian Members


Secretary-General of TPO Secretariat and Consul-General of Japan in Korea invited the delegates from major institutions in Busan and Daegu to the dinner banquet