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The 11th Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Blossom Festival
Date 2019.04.15 Hits 403
Dalian 2019.04.03~2019.05.20 Placeat Lushun 203 Cherry Blossom Park

The 11th Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Blossom Festival





The Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Blossom Festival will take place at Lushun 203 Cherry Blossom Park from April 3 to May 20, 2019 under the slogan, “The Enjoyable Spring of Lushun, Full of Cherry Blossoms in the Air.” In terms of the general concept of the event, it could be described as an event that is oriented toward citizens, experiences, internationality and convergence. Using cherry blossoms as a medium, the organizing committee intends to promote environmental-friendly activities, conscious travel, ecological, cultural, leisure and vacation experiences, thereby fostering the tourism market system and ensuring a harmonious development of culture and tourism. During the event period, a wide variety of events will be held including the opening ceremony for the Discovery of the Best Travel Route and the Most Beautiful Flower Gardens Recommended in Dalian, a traditional market that provides insight into the allure of cherry blossoms, the opening ceremony of the Cherry Blossoms Festival, a week-long event aimed at promoting cultural exchange among China, Korea and Japan, a cultural and tourism investment consulting event, and Dalian (Lushun) Kang Shi Fu Cup Cherry Blossoms Road Cross Country Race. There will also be cultural and artistic performances under the themes of the Dream of the Cherry Blossoms and the Cherry Blossom Flash Mob and various other events that will allow visitors to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms. There will be also various discounts offered on site!  


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