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2018 World Travel Fair in Shanghai
Date 2018.09.13 Hits 430
Shanghai 2018.09.22~2018.09.23 PlaceChina, Shanghai



2018 World Travel Fair in Shanghai


The JZ Festival Shanghai 2018 will take place at CAMP3399 from September 22 to 23. This year’s jazz festival will consist of six shows titled the Big City, JZ World, China Jazz Power, Rock’n’roll, Soundbox, and Jazz Youth with a combination of old and new styles of jazz. In addition to the famous singers from China, more than 100 top musicians from around the world including The Original Gypsies, a successful band from France; Branford Marsalis, a famous American saxophonist; Andrea Motis, a Spanish trumpeter; Lu1, a jazz hip hop musician; and Matzka, a reggae musician will present awe-inspiring performances. 


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