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K-CLIP 2018
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Jeonju 2018.08.06~2018.08.17 PlaceKorea, Jeonju



K-CLIP 2018

K-CLIP 2018 hosted by Jeonju City of Korea under the supervision of the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO) and sponsored by Gunsan City, Iksan City, Jeollabuk-do Province, Andong City, Ganghwa County and Goyang City were held with great success from August 6 to 17.

CLIP, a program organized by TPO with the aim of nurturing young talents from around the world into future leaders, is run at one of the member cities in order to introduce the culture, language and tourism resources of the host city.

At this year’s event held in Jeonju, Korea, there were 42 participants from Malaysia, Vietnam, China, U.S.A., Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Philippines and Taiwan.

At the opening ceremony held on August 7, Kim Seung-su, the mayor of Jeonju, and Shin Yeon-sung, the Secretary-General of TPO, welcomed the participants. There was a special lecture on Korean cultural brands of Jeonju such as hanok (traditional Korean house), hanji (traditional Korean paper) and hansik (Korean cuisine), a session where the participants got to learn the sounds of pansori (recitation of a dramatic song) in foreign languages, and a tour of traditional education facilities such as Jeonjuhyanggyo Confucian School and Jeonju Dongheon (Jeonju Traditional Culture Training Institute).

The participants also got to put on hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and visited the Hanok Village and Gyeonggijeon Shrine to learn about the local history and culture from a tourist guide.

From August 8 to 10, the participants took part in programs where they had a chance to learn how to make Jeonju bibimbap and kimchi and learn the traditional etiquette. Following a tour of the National Intangible Heritage Center and Jeonju National Museum, they visited Deokjin Park and the Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok and various cultural streets including Jeonju Yetgil (Old Road) and Film Street as a way to learn about the local culture.

In the evening of August 10, the participants were taken to the 4th Jeonju Gamaek Festival, where they experienced the gamaek (compound word: “gage (store)” and “maekju (beer)”) culture unique to Jeonju. They then wrapped up the day at a jjimjilbang (Korean-style sauna), where they chatted and laughed late into the night.

From August 11 to 17, a FAM Tour of the TPO member cities took place.

On the first day, they visited Mireuksaji Temple Site, Goseurak and a prison filming set in Iksan, followed by a tour of the Siganyeohaeng (Time Travel) Village and Cheolgil (Railroad) Village in Gunsan to familiarize themselves with the modern history and culture. The participants also attended the opening ceremony of the 2018 Gunsan Culture Night, a special evening program that incorporates the stunning night view of Gunsan and its history and culture.

On the second day, they visited Imsil County and Namwon City, with the sponsorship of Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government. In Imsil, they visited the Cheese Theme Park, where they got to make cheese and even eat it, while in Namwon, they experienced pansori and gayageum (traditional 12-string zither) and visited an art gallery and the Gwanghalluwon Garden. In Namwon, they got to spend the night in a hanok hotel, which was met with a favorable response.

On the third day, they went to Andong, where they toured the Hahoe Mask Museum and watched a special mask dance performance of Hahoe Byeolsingut Talnori. Afterwards, they visited Andong Hahoe Folk Village, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as Bongjeongsa Temple. For dinner, the participants tried Andong jjimdak (Andong-style braised chicken with vegetables) in the jjidak alley and wrapped up their tour in the city by checking out the striking night view of Woryeonggyo Bridge.

On the fourth day, they traveled to Ganghwa County, where they also had special experiences. Upon arrival, they changed into a special type of clothing for a tidal flat experience. They had a blast, running and rolling all over the vast mud flat, and rode the luge after dinner and created unforgettable memories.

On the second day in Ganghwa, they paid a visit to the Peace Observatory, where they were in awe of the sight of North Korea. They then visited the Sochang Experience Hall and the Tourism Platform to wrap up their tour of Ganghwa.

Their final stop was Goyang City. On the first day of their Goyang tour, they participated in the Goyang Tourism Supporters Launch Ceremony and got to meet the citizens of Goyang. On the following day, they visited the Hyundai Motor Studio and One Mount.

At One Mount, they learned K-pop dance and enjoy various other aspects of hallyu (Korean wave), and afterwards, they went to the Snow Park. The Southeast Asian participants, in particular, especially seemed delighted by the ice rink and the artificial snow falling from the sky at the Snow Park. 

The Closing Ceremony of K-CLIP 2018 took place at KINTEX in the presence of Director Yun Hwi-seong of New Hallyu Tourism Div. of Goyang, representatives of Goyang Convention Bureau, Team Manager Jo Yeong-ho of the Tourism Industry Div. of Jeonju, and Director-General Jo Dal-ryeo of the Planning Dept. of TPO.

The participants were divided into five groups to make and present a video under the title, “Korea Through My Eyes,” based on what they had experienced in Korea during the past 12 days. They received certificates of participating in K-CLIP 2018 signed by Jeonju City Mayor and the Secretary-General of TPO.

K-CLIP 2018 recorded one of the highest satisfaction rates among the participants thanks to the full support provided by Jeonju, the host city, and various other member cities of TPO. This event was a chance to promote the history, culture and tourism resources of Korea and is expected to be a major stepping stone for developing TPO member cities into cities of cultural tourism.

Meanwhile, the videos produced by the participants and the photographs taken during the event will be released through the official website of TPO (


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