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Vietnam Aero Summit (VAS) 2023
Date 2023.02.02 Hits 41
Ha Noi 2023.02.22~2023.02.23 Place


Time: 22 - 23 Feb 2023


Location: Hanoi, Vietnam


To cope with the explosive growth of air travel market post Covid-19 and the bright future for the aviation industry, Vietnam’s government is striving to develop and revamp airport capacity, airlines are expanding fleets, building MRO facilities and capablities, training young talents to meet the workforce demand, etc. Vietnam Aero Summit 2023 is an opportune event to discuss about the most pressing concerns, challenges and opportunities in this market through speeches, panel discussions, exhibition showcases, etc. VAS 2023 will strengthen connections among civil aviation authorities, airlines, airport operators/owners, OEMs, MROs, aviation training schools, aircraft leasing companies, parts suppliers, equipment manufacturers, solution providers, investors, consultants and business associations to brainstorm joint efforts to consolidate Vietnam’s soaring air travel industry.




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