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Outbound Travel Roadshow - India Edition 2 2023
Date 2023.01.06 Hits 100
2023.01.30~2023.02.01 PlaceIndia New Delhi


2023 edition of Outbound Travel Roadshow(OTR) will be held at New Delhi starting on 30th Jan to 1 Feb 2023 . OTR is the only multi-destination, multi-city travel trade workshop. It is a collective market that provides a platform for equal opportunities for international travel destinations of countries offering travel trade in an amalgam. The annual event is held across key cities in a sequence of workshops, wherein members from tourism boards, tour operators, hotels, airlines & others meet proficient travel trade people for networking making them a net worth. OTR is known to execute & deliver substantiality with excellent leadership & experience in all the segments of travel & tourism.






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