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Kagoshima City, Japan
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Kagoshima City is full of authenticity, whether it be magnificent nature, samurai culture, or the best wagyu beef in Japan.


Active volcano Sakurajima and Kinko Bay have the power to refresh the hearts and minds of anyone who gazes upon them. After a short 15 minute trip by ferry, you can enjoy outdoor activities on Sakurajima, such as kayaking and digging your own hot spring bath.


Kagoshima is also the hometown of Saigo Takamori, the last samurai and a hero who contributed greatly to the modernization of Japan. We recommend trying on genuine samurai armor and kimono at the beautiful Sengan-en, a garden and stately home rich in samurai culture.


And of course, there is also Kagoshima’s cuisine. Kagoshima wagyu beef won the coveted “Wagyu Olympics” in 2017. We also have succulent Kagoshima Kurobuta pork and fresh fish from the depths of Kagoshima Bay.


Whether to escape into nature, enjoy delicious local food, or to soak up history, Kagoshima is a city worth visiting!




Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath


Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park is situated on the shore, an eight minute walk from Sakurajima Port. There is a 100-m long footbath, one of the longest in Japan, fed by a natural hot spring from 1,000 m underground is in the park. The terra-cotta colored water contains iron. You can relieve your travel fatigue with a footbath while having a view of Kinko Bay in front of you and Sakurajima behind you!


You can purchase Sakurajima’s original towels at the Sakurajima Visitor Center and Rainbow Sakurajima Inn.





Sengan-en is the stately home and gardens of the powerful Shimadzu clan and overlooks Sakurajima, Kagoshima’s magnificent active volcano. Built in 1658 by Shimadzu Mitsuhisa, Sengan-en is one of Japan’s most famous traditional gardens. Explore the expansive house and gardens to get a true feel of how a feudal lord lived. The grounds also host restaurants serving the finest local cuisine, an ultra-chic Japanese style cafe, and exclusive shops selling the pinnacle of Kagoshima craftsmanship.


Sengan-en was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015 in account of the role this area played in the modernization of Japan. The neighboring Shoko Shuseikan Museum tells the 800-year story of the Shimadzu family, and the Shimadzu Satsuma Kiriko Glassworks offers visitors a rare opportunity to see Japanese artisans at work up close.




Tenmonkan Mujaki Main Restaurant


Shirokuma shaved ice with milk topped with various colorful fruits is a Kagoshima specialty. Tenmonkan Mujaki Main Restaurant is the originator of Shirokuma and many people visit the restaurant for the refreshing taste created by the combination of fluffy shaved ice and fruit.


There are variations such as chocolate, pudding or coffee flavored Shirokuma. Shochu Mizore shaved ice with a syrup made from shochu is also available. Handy Shirokuma served in a cup is available to go.


You can eat in or take out Shirokuma shaved ice at the restaurant on the first basement of Amu Plaza.



Amu Plaza Kagoshima


This is a shopping facility adjacent to Kagoshima Chuo Station, the entrance to Southern Kyushu. A variety of food and products from Kagoshima are available on B1F of the main building. You can enjoy a view of the city and Sakurajima during a 15 minute ride on the Ferris wheel.



Yamakataya Dept. Store


Kagoshima’s long-established department store that sells various local products.


Founded in 1751, the department store sells a variety of local specialties including food and crafts.





Tenmonkan, the largest shopping district in Southern Kyushu, has many restaurants and cafes offering popular items such as Kurobuta pork cutlet, Kurobuta pork shabu-shabu and Shirokuma shaved ice (shaved ice with syrup and fruit). There are also places to shop including souvenir shops, boutiques, and a department store. The street has an arcade so you can enjoy a meal and shopping even on rainy days.


There are many hotels here, so this district is convenient for visitors to Kagoshima. As there are a number of izakaya drinking places and bars, the district becomes especially busy on weekend evenings.




Kagoshima KayaksA half-day Sakurajima kayaking tour


On this kayaking tour around Sakurajima, you can view the great active volcano from the ocean. You might witness an eruption of Sakurajima up close. Experienced JSCA certified guides will take you on this kayaking tour.



Satsuma Kiriko Crystal Glassware Experience


Try cutting Satsuma Kiriko crystal glass with an expert craftsperson to create your very own piece of exquisite glassware at the Sengan-en Cultural Experience Centre. Learn the basics of etching crystal glass on a cutting wheel and try your hand at one of Kagoshima’s most famous exports. A master craftsperson will finish your glass for you once the experience has finished and it will be delivered to you by courier.



Sushi Chef Experience


This is a sushi making class for beginners. An experienced sushi chef will demonstrate how to clean and fillet a fish and teach you how to make nigiri sushi and maki sushi. Enjoy the sushi you made yourself. You will receive a class completion certificate and a sushi keychain.



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