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Fujisaki Hachimangu Grand Festival - Kumamoto
Date 2022.08.31 Hits 125
Kumamoto 2022.09.13~2022.09.13 PlaceFujisaki


Fujisaki Hachimangu Grand Festival will take place on Fujisaki Hachimangu from Sept 13 to 19, 2022. With a history of over a thousand years, it is the largest festival since the time of Higo Province and is popularly known by such names as “Hojoe” and “Zuibyo Festival” among others. After various dedication events are held following the opening of the festival with the Miyautsushishiki ceremony, the Shinkoshiki ceremony, the highlight of the festival, takes place. The shinko gyoretsu parade begins in the early morning, with the Omikoshi (portable shrine) leading the way, followed by the armored accompanying soldiers, armored soldiers, the machi-hoko (town banners) and lion dances, creating a spectacular giant picture scroll. Decorated horses and Uma-oi horse chasers follow the parade, culminating in a climax energized with the spirit of the Higo natives.




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