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Dalian, a Popular Summer Vacation Destination in China
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2022.07.01~-0001.11.30 PlaceDalian

With frequent heat wave warnings being issued throughout China this summer, summer travel demand peaked this year. Since July, Kunming, Guiyang, Xining, Lijiang, Dalian, Lincang, Qinhuangdao, and Liupanshui have been firmly holding their top ranks among the popular summer travel destinations. Dalian, in particular, has become the most popular destination for a short-distance travel for northerners thanks to its splendid natural environment


With a unique geographical advantage and abundant tourism products and programs, Dalian has created recreation, leisure and tour programs that take participants into the natural environment. As a result, it has been selected as the World's Most Livable City and China’s Best Summer Vacation Destination for years. Dalian’s Eat, Play, and Have fun at the Beach and A Cool Vacation were noted as the most highly sought-after tour programs in the city this summer.


[Source: Dalian City]


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