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The 3rd Zhangjiajie Tourism Festival with Live Streaming of Influencers
Date 2022.08.31 Hits 126
Zhangjiajie 2022.08.20~2022.08.23 PlaceQixing Mountain in Zhangjiajie


The opening ceremony of the 3rd Zhangjiajie Tourism Festival with Live Streaming of Influencers was held in Qixing Mountain on August 20. The three-day festival was held as part of the Hunan Tourism Development Conference to be held for the first time in Zhangjiajie this coming September. The festival consists of an e-sports camping tent festival, Qixingshan Yunshang market, an excursion to Qixing Mountain on <This Is the Outdoors> on Huya (broadcasting platform), and an immersive script-kill and beer and music festival. A number of influencers such as Lai Shen, one of the top game hosts in China, and Big Hammer, the main host of Honor of Kings, were at the festival, and they dressed up as Xianxia (“immortal heroes”) with the market being above the clouds.


The tourist resort in Qixing Mountain was transformed into a world of Xianxia, allowing tourists to experience immersive script kills in Tianjie (Skyline) Town wearing ancient costumes and try “picking the moon from the lakeshore,” enjoy an e-sports camping festival, go on a hot air balloon or helicopter tour, or enjoy traditional games such as throwing arrows into a jar and archery. Visitors could also taste lobster, barbecue, ice jelly, and sweet wine on the Food Alley or have a drink at the beer and music festival.


[Source: Zhangjiajie City] 


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