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Kim Doi village of Doctors
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Bac Ninh 2022.07.29~2022.07.29 PlaceBac Ninh - Kinh Bac


Bac Ninh - Kinh Bac is known as the land of learning where many talents of the country were born and grew up, with the largest number of first doctoral candidates and doctors nationwide during feudal time. Contributing to proud tradition of studiousness was 25 doctorates of Kim Doi village through historic dynasties.


The Kim Doi was formerly called Dui Quan. Located on the south bank of Cau river, the village was once famous as one of the "doctorate hubs" of Vietnam, through the folk verse mentioned in the book "Phong thổ Kinh Bắc thời Lê” (The Geography of Kinh Bac under Le Dynasty):“Kim Đôi nhiều cuộc hiển vinh. Hai mươi lăm vị khoa danh rỡ ràng” (Kim Doi has many honors. Twenty-five Doctors are brilliantly enrolled). The number of doctors in the village is mainly from the Nguyen family with 18 ones. The books "Lịch triều hiến chương loại chí" (Regulations of Successive Dynasties by Subject-Matter), "Đại Việt sử ký toàn thư" (History of Great Viet), "Phong thổ Kinh Bắc thời Lê” (The Geography of Kinh Bac under Le Dynasty), "Đăng khoa lục" (Book of feudal exams) and the booklet "Vietnamese Scholars" all listed doctors of Kim Doi village.


Becoming an attractive topic for cultural and historical researchers at home and abroad, the studiousness tradition of Kim Doi village was originated from the family of Mr. Nguyen Nung and Mrs. Hoang Thi Hay. Thanks to their exemplary parenting, all five children obtained doctorates and became high mandarins during the reign of King Le Thanh Tong. According to history books: In the Binh Tuat year of 1466, two brothers, Nguyen Nhan Bi and Nguyen Nhan Thiep, passed the exam and were appointed as “Thái Nguyên Tham ngự” and “Lại Bộ Thượng thư Đông các Học sĩ”. Nguyen Nhan Bong, who passed the exam in the Ky Suu year of 1469, performed “Lễ Bộ tả Thị lang”, a member of the Tao Dan group (consists of 28 members who are very good at writing poetry and are likened to bright stars); Nguyen Nhan Du passed the exam in Nham Thin year of 1472 and was appointed as ‘Hiến sát sứ”, and the youngest brother Nguyen Nhan Dac passed the exam in the Ất Mùi year of 1475 was also promoted to position of “Hàn Lâm viện kiểm thảo”1.


Starting from a poor and studious family, the five Nguyen siblings have glorified their ancestors and laid the first foundation to build the "Kim Doi village of Doctors", bringing home 8 golden words "Kim Đôi gia thế, chu tử mãn triều” (means that the clans in Kim Doi have many mandarins in the court) given by King Le Thanh Tong. Based on academic background, the descendants of Nguyen family in Kim Doi continued to write their names on the honored list of academics with 13 people who obtained doctorates in the next feudal dynasties. In addition, the Pham family was also proud of 7 doctors, contributing to turning this place into a famous academic land as the praise still handed down nowadays:


“Kim Doi has many honors.


Twenty-five Doctors are brilliantly enrolled”


Thanks to a brilliant tradition of enrollment for generations, in January 1989, clan ancestral house of Nguyen family in Kim Doi was recognized as a historical and cultural relic by the State.


Continuing the tradition of studiousness, Kim Doi village of Doctors has nonstop pushed up the movement of study and talent encouragement. The Nguyen family in Kim Doi village had a unique measure of raising funds for the encouragement. For many generations, the Nguyen family has kept 1,800 of field called "Study encouragement field". Every year, descendants in the family cultivate or lease to raise money. Inheriting and promoting the tradition of studiousness of their fathers, implementing the policy of building a "learning society", over the years, Kim Doi inhabitants have continued to boost study and talent encouragement. Along with maintaining and expanding the "Study encouragement field", the clans in the village have established the "Study encouragement fund". The movement to build "Family for study encouragement", "Clan for study encouragement " is growing strongly. Children's studies and exams have always been concerned and paid special attention by families.


With a simple but rustic thought, "giving gold to children is not better than giving knowledge", the learning and talents encouragement movement has been deeply rooted and spread in the thoughts and actions of every Kim Doi villager. Adhering to the motto of learning to grow up, to eliminate poverty and build the homeland, the Kim Doi Study Encouragement Association has always focused on propaganda and mobilizing families and clans to overcome difficulties for building a happy and prosperous family, take care of and raise their children in a scientific way, and facilitate them to study. The criteria for studious families and clans are also disseminated to each household and clan so that everyone can understand and have a direction to strive for. In particular, in parallel with promoting the propaganda of typical examples, praising examples of studiousness, the family of studiousness, the village's Study Encouragement Association also does a good job of developing its members; regularly promote the emulation movement to build a studious family and clan, thereby serving as the basis for the movement to build a "learning society".


The role of the clans in Kim Doi has always been affirmed in the academic tradition of the homeland. Like a custom, on every the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, the Nguyen family meets and awards to students who pass the exam for excellent students from the district level upwards and those who pass national exam for entering universities. Because the number of bachelors is increasing, so the Nguyen family decided to organize a higher level of honor for those who have become masters, and doctors every 5 years. Following the example of the Nguyen family, other clans in Kim Doi have had many forms of encouragement, praise and reward for their children with high achievements in study, while criticizing and correcting children who do not study hard.


An outstanding highlight of Kim Doi in recent years is that it has brought into play the synergy of forces involved in the implementation of study and talent encouragement. During the annual summers, the Youth Union of the village has mobilized many university students who are children of their homeland to voluntarily teach pupils in the village. Apart from regularly propagating and mobilizing people, the village’s Study Encouragement Association and the Youth Union and Association of Kim Doi people in Hanoi jointly organize counseling sessions before the university and college exams for students in order to properly equip them with good career orientation, helping students of Kim Doi in Hanoi…


Inheriting and promoting the tradition of studiousness of their ancestors, with the care and facilitation of all families, generations of Kim Doi village of Doctors have been studied hard and practice to write the brilliant "Golden Boards" left by their ancestors, gradually contributing to building a rich, strong Kim Doi homeland.



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