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2022 Yantai International Coastal Life Festival
Date 2022.07.29 Hits 554
Yantai 2022.07.16~2022.08.31 PlaceYantai


The Yantai International Coastal Life Festival this year is sponsored by the Yantai Municipal People's Government, organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Yantai Municipal Committee and the Yantai Culture and Tourism Bureau, and co-organized by the cultural and tourism authorities of all districts of the city. The theme this year is “I Yantai”, launching a beautiful initiative to the world to “Love Yantai Together”. The festival will run  from July 16 to the end of August. For this festival, a new organization mechanism has been developed to organize the festival jointly by all related departments throughout the city under the brand of integrated cultural and tourist brand in counties and towns of Yantai, to create new coastal lifestyle, stimulate cultural and tourist consumption and promote industrial recovery.



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