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Foshan, Guangdong - Doing every effort to create
Date 2022.07.29 Hits 198
Foshan 2022.07.29~2022.07.29 PlaceFoshan, Guangdong


At the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta with long history, outstanding talents and great prosperity, Foshan of Guangdong Province is the cradle of the Lingnan Culture. Foshan has the titles of "Southern Pottery Capital", "Hometown of Lion Arts", World Gourmet Capital, the birthplace of Cantonese Opera, and the famous city of Chinese martial arts, and has been listed as a national famous historical and cultural city for nearly 30 years. Given its history and development, in 2021, Foshan was listed as one of the candidates for election of the Cultural Capital of East Asia in 2024. In the process of wining this title, great effort has been made to further explore the traditional culture of Foshan and create its unique city brand, sharing its poems and faraway places with the world.

For this purpose, based on the principles of openness, tolerance, exchange and sharing and using cultural exchange and tourist cooperation as the main line, the city's advantages in terms cultural tourism have been fully used to promote the excellent Chinese culture to the world, laying a solid foundation to develop Foshan into the leader in inheriting the Lingnan Guangfu Culture and promote the high quality development of the cultural undertakings. As a famous cultural city and tourist destination, the city is speeding up to integrate multiple elements, making a beautiful cultural image about the story of Lingnan, China



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