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Each Snap is Wallpaper! Do You Want to Enjoy the Sea in Yantai?
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Yantai 2022.05.31~2022.05.31 PlaceYantai


Go to Enjoy the Sea!


You can do any wonderful thing you wish to do here, such as going for a blow, treading wave, enjoying sunrise and sunset, and the starry sky. You would feel happy just thinking about it.


Although COVID-19 has halted many people’s seaside trips, it shall never prevent us from enjoying the sea through the screen. So come and enjoy the seaside view in Yantai as soon as the pandemic is over.


Who can Resist the View of Emerald Sea and Aurous Beach!


The fine waves in Yantai Sea chased the sands; the emerald sea and auratus beach are scoring a magnificent yet graceful symphony. On a sunny day, stepping on the soft beach and wandering along the stretching coastline, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of ocean melting into the sky at the horizon and hear the whisper of sea wind at your ears. You can fully enjoy the extensive peacefulness and boundless freedom. 


Please Don’t Miss the Spectacular Scene of Surging Waves!


You will never want to miss the spectacular scene of waves at rising tide, the waves lapping at the shore and breaking countless spray, and sea breeze coming at you with the unique fresh and moist smell of the sea and taking away your fatigue of the day.


Starting a Heart-to-heart Conversation with Fairies on the Seaside!


Every time you come to the seaside, you will be longing for the white fairies soaring between the sea and sky in flocks, which is the most healing scene. You will eager to share your joys and sorrows with them whenever you are in laughter or tears. Your heart will be unloaded within the long resonance. 


The Gentle Sea in the Afternoon is Extremely Healing!


The warm sunshine illuminating the sea and covering it with gentle auratus light, when breeze brush through the sea, it would be covered with wonderful glistening lights. At this moment, the only thing you need do to snap a romantic ins style wallpaper is to aim your lens at the sea.


Yantai Sea is Both Wide and Tender!


The reefs that grow widely on the boundless sea dot the coastline like pearls, creating the beautiful scenery on the island. Your eyes are amazed by the rocky reefs and your ears are flooded with the surging waves, all this working together to form a magnificent flavor. This is definitely the best moment for you to drop shutter.


The Setting Sun of the Sea Arouses the Soft Thoughts of Many Poets.


When the sun is about to set, the sunglow dyed the celeste sky and sea to dazzling orange, thus the glistening sea is covered with auratus lights. The afterglow of the setting sun spreads to its heart’s content, together with the intoxicating breeze, can dispel your exhausting day.


Have a Date with Romantic Stars at the Seaside in the Evening!


Escaping from the hustle and bustle urban life, looking up at the star-studded sky on the seaside and making a good wish quietly, and then just waiting to see the Milky Way and moonlight coming at you. Feeling the wisp of breeze blowing from your ears and the boundless romantic from the vast sea of stars, so as to bring poetry to ordinary life.


[Source: Yantai City] 


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