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Solidaritty Mural For Palestine in Kota Bharu
Date 2022.03.30 Hits 340
Kota Bharu 2022.03.24~2022.03.24 Place


On 24th February 2022, Chief Minister of Kelantan, Dato’ Ahmad Yakob officiated the solidarity mural for Palestine in Kota Bharu. The Palestine mural was a project by Palestine Aid Malaysia under collaboration with Kota Bharu Municipal Council to enhance unpopular back lane in city center to a new tourism spot featuring beautiful murals about the life in Palestine. The project started in late 2019 but as pandemic Covid19 spreaded in Malaysia, the project came to a halt temporarily. Later it was continued in 2021 and completed in January 2022.The painting artwork was conducted by scholars and students from University Malaysia Kelantan as well as members of the Kelantan Art Association and Palestine Aid Malaysia.


Great participation from local company such as Jotun Paint, Hassan Hardware and Jaafar Rawas Bookstore donated a large amount of financial support to come out the mural project. Mayor of Kota Bharu, Tuan Zainal Abidin said that there will be more project for mural painting in Kota Bharu to give a new look for the city. Everyone is welcomed to support the mural project.


[Source: Kota bharu City] 


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