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The 27th Fukuoka Higashi-ku Fireworks Festival 2017
Date 2017.11.23 Hits 1229
Japan Fukuoka 2017.09.10~2017.09.10 PlaceMishima Green Bay Walk, Fukuoka, Japan




The 27th Fukuoka Higashi-ku Fireworks Festival 2017


Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu, Japan, will be hosting the 27th Fukuoka Higashi-ku Fireworks on September 10. Hosted by the Fukuoka Higashi-ku Fireworks Executive Committee, there will be around 7,000 fantastic fireworks illuminating the night sky at Mishima Green Bay Walk.


The costs of the festival paid for with donations made by ordinary citizens, corporate sponsorships, and proceeds from the sales of festival products. It is a citizen-initiated festival, which is a rarity even in Japan.  


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