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2021 Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival
Date 2021.07.23 Hits 308
Tongyeong 2021.08.12~2021.08.21 Place


Enjoy triumph of Hansan Battle considered the greatest naval battle among the world’s four most famous battles. The Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival will be held to commemorate the victory and celebrate the patriotic spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin off the coast of Tongyeong from August 12 (Thurs) to 21 (Sat).


There will be events giving a glimpse into history, such as a procession of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who was the Naval Commander of the Three Provinces and renditions of the military inspection performed in the Joseon Dynasty and of the Hansan Battle. The re-creation of Hansan Battle with the Joseon and Japanese fleets firing at each other will present the onlookers with jaw-dropping scenes that are reminiscent of movies. The Yi Sun-sin Waterpark will be open for children, and there will be diverse experience programs and activities, such as the Geobukseon (Turtle Ship) Rowing Competition, Arrow-Shooting Experience, and more, in store for visitors. 


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