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Guangzhou’s Economic Recovery is Powered by New Cultural Trend, “Daihuo,” etc.
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In China, daihuo (a newly created term to describe a product becoming a hit after it is endorsed by a celebrity on an online platform via live streaming) and an online experience becomes new means to bring out an economic recovery. Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism Bureau are colaborating with Huya and other live streaming platforms to offer free lessons on live broadcasting to local enterprises in the sectors of culture and tourism as part of efforts to assist businesses to overcome the economic crisis by the COVID-19 outbreak. This has led to a boom of “daihuo” in the culture and tourism sector, with local travel agencies, hotels, associations and others joining the live streaming trend and garnering attention from consumers.

Also, innovative live streaming contents under the themes of “cloud excursions,” “cloud exhibitions,” “cloud art appreciation,” “cloud daihuo,” and so on have been posted and linked on e-commerce platforms to share the related experiences and sell cultural and tourist products.

In early February, Guangzhou City initiated a program to fully reimburse the service quality deposits of travel agencies, thereby effectively alleviating the cash flow pressure on travel agencies. The city has also been applying new digital technologies to drive the development of the culture and tourism industry. Starting in April, the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism Bureau, for instance, has been working together with Huya and other live streaming platforms to offer free lessons on live streaming to local enterprises in the culture and tourism sector, and this in turn has caused a “daihuo” sensation.

During Labor Day (May Day), Guangzhou City held a Guangzhou Sightseeing event for the citizens of Guangzhou on live streaming excursions online, which was watched by more than 1.5 million viewers.

“Cultural cloud tourism” was popular among cultural museums and arts organizations by using X-generation information technology. “Cloud Museum Viewing” held by a municipal museum and a district museum from May 1st to 4th and live streaming on various platforms attracted 4,629,000 viewers. On May 9th, a live streaming event with global artists in the online marathon style was held by CPAA Theaters, People’s Video, and Guangzhou Grand Theater, under the directions of the Guangzhou City Council Promotion Division and the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism Bureau. The event was on live streaming for 10 consecutive hours, with various genres of arts including opera, music concert, theater, and dance. The event was participated by about 150 artists from 30 countries and region. It was streamed on a wide variety of platforms including Xinhuacheng, Guangzhou Daily app, KuGou Live, KuGou Music, Tencent and more. Around 74 million people watched it.

Recently, the Guangzhou Association of Tourist and Scenic Areas officially hosted the 1st Culture/Commerce/Tourism Industry Live Streaming Daihuo Competition 2020 Guangzhou for the purpose of modernizing business marketing strategies, promoting brand awareness, and driving forth fast and full economic recovery in the culture, commerce and tourism industries. An estimated 30,000 people applied for the competition. The city has plans to foster 10,000 new media operators, create 300 live streamlining channels focusing on the culture, commerce, and tourism industries, and nurture 30 daihuo IP addresses of “super wanghong (online celebrities).”


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