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Tainan Confucius Temple Cultural Festival
Date 2019.09.05 Hits 393
Tainan 2019.09.05~2019.09.05 PlaceTainan



The Confucius Temple of Tainan City is the first Confucius Temple created in Taiwan as a school of the Taiwanese Qing Dynasty. At the same time, it is an important place of culture and education that started Confucianism in Taiwan. Its name is "Taiwan’s first School ", which clearly indicates deep historical roots and a relationship with Taiwan's cultural and educational development. It is far superior in the preservation and development of tangible and intangible cultural assets and has an indexically sublime status.

The “Taiwan’s first School” has a complete structure with good preservation to clearly show the historical and cultural status and characteristics of Taiwan's Confucius Temple, culture, and education development; the archetypes of Buddhist scripture rituals were handed down from generation to generation, and there are abundant types of tangible and intangible cultural assets. The pluralization of new distribution activities in time has already become the most important index of the cultural city of Taiwan. The annual “Confucius Temple Culture Festival” is one of the strongest cultural assets. 


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